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The head of the sports department, Johann Nuber, spoke free of the liver at the committee meeting on Wednesday about the problems at Weinweg. He repeatedly criticizes colleagues from the city garden office.

Retires next year: Head of the Sports Office Johann Nuber. Photo: Archive / Regensburg village

“When it comes to the sports facility on Weinweg, there is too much talk about each other and not enough with each other,” says City Councilor Daniel Gaittet. Question Time to the Sports Committee is about the letter to Mayor Astrid Freudenstein and the head of the sports department, Johann Nuber. Several clubs active at the facility in the western part of Regensburg, including the “Bunte Liga eV”, had complained about various complaints and criticized the new groundskeeper (our report).


And the comment from Green City Councilor Gaittet, combined with the suggestion that everyone involved be invited to a round table at least once a year to exchange ideas, seems more than justified. According to the head of the sports department, Nuber, Claudia Bernhard, after all the chairman of “Bunte Liga eV”, explained to him that she knew nothing about the letter of complaint. “She did not know anything about this letter.” She also did not know that it would be reported, “and she distances herself from it”.

Temporary solution for the kiosk

However, as in a statement to our editors, Nuber admits some of the issues addressed in the letter, which Gaittet asks about. To compensate for the kiosk that is currently closed – a tender is underway here, but there are still legal concerns – a tool shed will be provided and equipped with benches and refrigerators.

It has been agreed with Bunter Liga that the players who serve their own drinks, at least on the weekends, so that they can meet after training or matches. “It’s part of the sport and we see it that way,” Nuber says.

Artificial turf: Nuber criticizes the garden office

Nuber seems a bit resigned as Gaittet asks for a spot on the still missing artificial turf. Some time ago, the City Council approved funds in the investment program for this. But year after year, users are discouraged. “If I could, I would advertise the lawn myself.” But the city garden office is responsible for that. And that has not been the case for four years – even though he has already prepared a trial offer, says Nuber. But before he retires (next year), it’s going well, promises the head of the sports department. “I play it myself.”

Nuber also criticized the city garden office for the holes in the squares, which according to the letter have already led to damage. A company that had installed new irrigation systems had worked poorly. But the garden department took it off anyway. “I do not know why. But that’s how it is.” The gardeners would have corrected that in the meantime.

Criticism of the caretaker: half of the city administration unfriendly?

Without Gaittet having explicitly asked about it, Nuber goes into detail about the complaints about the new landowner / caretaker. The man is not actually doing a bad job, but he is “not one hundred percent good” when it comes to communication. You just do not get an academic for such a position. He is, as they say in Bavaria, “a buffalo”. The other side then responds accordingly and then some situations will escalate.

Demands to dismiss the man (which we did not raise in our report, contrary to Nuber’s report; in fact, the municipal press office had informed our editorial staff that it could “take appropriate action”), the sports official describes as excessive. He sees no reason to throw anyone out on the street for being unfriendly. “Half of the city administration should …” Nuber begins, laughing, like part of the plenum, but is then hastily stopped by Mayor Freudenstein.

“It really is not an easy task …”

The case is being taken seriously, Nuber continues. “A serious word” was said to the man, and “if something happens again, he gets a warning, it is the first step towards termination”. But one must always remember that the man works in an EG5 position (between about 2,500 and 3,100 euros gross), which after long battles could only be upgraded from pay group 4. 48 hours, shift work. “It really is not an easy job there and one is constantly plagued by conflict negotiations.”

In the end, Nuber avoided Gaittet’s proposal for a round table. Mann will continue to seek the conversation. But there is still the “Stammtisch West” that the sports department in the western part of the city offers. But representatives of the colorful league have not come there so far. At a final conversation on the occasion of the letter, not all the signatories showed up either, although they were invited. Says Nuber.

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