“Mega-cool” holiday camp for flood-injured children

Due to the “Klepperstall” equestrian center in Zülpich, young people between the ages of 10 and 16 could try themselves as musical actors – experienced artists from all aspects of the “Spotlight Experience” organized a week-long camp with the support of the Rotary Club, Thomas-Esser College and others helpers and sponsors with dance, games, singing etc.

There is always time in the communal tent for play, conversations or communal singing. Photo: Tameer Gunnar Eden / Eifeler Press Agency / epa

Zülpich-Langendorf – “I really like the camp, we sing a lot outside. Everyone has to clean up and stuff like that, but it’s still super cool, ”is how 13-year-old Alex describes his week on a special project. Thanks to the generous support of the Rotary Club Nürtingen-Kirchheim / Teck, as part of and mediated by the air relief initiatives of the Rotary Clubs Euskirchen and Euskirchen-Burgfey, children and young people between the ages of 10 and 16 affected by the flood last year were able to spend ten days in the Klepperstall animal welfare association in Zülpich-Langendorf in a tent camp and at the same time become an actor in a self-produced music video. “Spotlight Experience” from Frechen, whose leaders Lucas and Martijn Theisen have already brought some notable musical projects with school children to the stage boards in the district, took care of the artistic part.

Also at the start is the musical actress and vocal coach Anna Grah, who develops songs for the musical together with the young people: , how confidence and self-confidence grow. ” Martijn Theisen adds: “It is important to give the children the opportunity to try things – without anyone laughing if something does not go so well.” There is a lot to do with it. sang, danced, played and laughed together instead of by anyone.

There is a need for a green meadow, horses, tents and dedicated supervisors as well as benevolent support for a holiday camp like the “little paradise” at Klepperstall’s horse home. Photo: Tameer Gunnar Eden / Eifeler Press Agency / epaKlepperstall, Zülpich, Rotary Club, Spotlight Experience

The animals on the farm, such as the huge, good-natured Irish wolfhound “Alfi” and about 30 horses, also provide enthusiasm. Nina Aschoff, chairwoman of the horse protection farm, welcomed the visitors with open arms and is ready with help and advice, supported by volunteer Jenny Wollersheim. She likes to show the participants how to clean horses properly, how to get safely to the big four-legged friends, and where they especially like to be petted.

Meanwhile, cameraman Nikolaj Rohloff is ready for the next scenes, which he has worked on with “the kids”: “The kids have a great time, they have great ideas and do well in front of the camera and have fun!” This is also confirmed by 14-year-old Danny: “The recordings are fantastic, although it is exhausting when you have to repeat something over and over again and stand in the heat for four hours!” It is worth it for the camping experience and the many new friends that Laura, for example, has made, but who even gets up early, as Joan explains: “We start every morning at 8 am with a morning meditation, after which we eat breakfast. Normally I do not get up until 12 o’clock during the holidays, but the light shining through the tents in the morning means that we are all up early. “The food is purely vegan, says Laura (11):” We sleep next door the animals, then we must not eat their comrades – we also learn to take into account here. ”

Three future educators from Thomas-Eßer-Berufskolleg Euskirchen also support the care – purely voluntarily. For the necessary hygiene for the group, bath and toilet containers were needed. Rita Witt, project mentor at the Euskirchen Rotary Club: “This made the company Beutlhauser from Meckenheim available free of charge – and area manager Thorsten Müller also hired the fitter Christoph Dörr at his own expense to ensure that the containers were properly connected – so much Commitment is just amazing!”

All participants will then be provided with the film from their camp, and the finished work will even be shown in a Frechen cinema, as Martijn Theisen reveals: “We have developed the story ‘The little paradise’: children in a holiday camp have a great time , but things keep disappearing. ” Through detective work, the children find out that two young people from the village are responsible for this – because their parents did not allow them to participate, but instead of bothering and punishing the children, the camp finds a more social solution: The two from the village are allowed to volunteer at the equestrian center, which the parents allow, and then they can still attend the holiday camp. “through the back door”.

The farm festival, which Klepperstallen arranges on Sunday 10 July from 11.00 to 17.00, is real and not film-ready, but just as entertaining. From horse shows to bouncy castles, carousels and horse painting to the market area, entertainment is guaranteed.

Eifel press office / epa

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