Laura-Marie Geissler: This is how Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht’s girlfriend will finance her race

Laura Marie Geissler
The new girlfriend of Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht will fund his race with NFTs

Laura-Marie Geissler is a German racing driver who campaigns for women in motorsport

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Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht has been dating racer Laura-Marie Geissler for a few months. The motorsport enthusiast is successful, but her sport is expensive and needs to be funded. She tries this with her own digital works of art.

Women do not have it easy in male-dominated racing. Laura-Marie Geissler often has to prove herself countless times more than a male colleague, and it is not always easy for the 24-year-old to find sponsors. But Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht’s new girlfriend claims to have found a way to fund the race. And with digital photos of their car.

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In an interview with “Welt,” Geissler said, “I’m very blond, so you often have to prove yourself twice and make it even clearer that you have something.” Geissler has been go-karting since she was 10 years old, she is fascinated by speeds, has a helicopter pilot certificate and is also working on her motorboat certificate. Despite all the horsepower, Jimi Blue’s new girlfriend has kept her feet on the ground. She has worked in workshops and has mastered the construction from scratch. In 2021, Geissler started the season with a 1st and a 3rd place in the Porsche Sprint Challenge and is currently driving in the GT4 European Series. But every now and then you can see her on her Instagram account in an evening dress, with red nails and long blonde hair.

Despite very good qualifications, the financing of races is not always easy for Geissler. Each test drive costs money, and you need a lot of partners and sponsors to be able to get involved further up. So the qualified psychologist came up with something.

The design of Laura-Marie Geissler’s race car has a deeper meaning

Together with the creative agency Amsterdam Berlin and the blockchain-based platform Unblocked, she founded the first NFT-supported racing team. NFT stands for “Non-Fungible Token”. NFTs make it possible to assign digital images to a clear owner – even if they remain available to anyone on the web. The technology is based on blockchain, which is also used for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Unlike digital coins, however, the NFT movements are unique and not easily interchangeable – in English “non-fungible”.

With her artwork, Laura-Marie’s focus is clearly on supporting women in racing. Designed by an NFT representing their race car, it is intended to evoke racing legend Le Mans and “Pink Pig”. In addition, the shapes are intended to represent “the physical appearance of female drivers”. The design symbolizes equality between the sexes in the racing world.

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“This project is trying to rethink how sports sponsorship works,” says Moritz Grob, co-founder of Amsterdam Berlin GmbH. “It leverages NFT technology to enable a new, decentralized care model that creates a level playing field for athletes regardless of gender, race or marital status.”

The NFT collection can be purchased on Laura-Marie Geissler’s website. The site also says: “All proceeds from NFT sales will be used to fund Laura-Marie’s 2022 racing season.” The sale of NFT art comes at a difficult time. In the beginning of 2022, digital art experienced a real boom, but is now increasingly criticized and therefore struggles with weakening prices. The price of a virtual race car is currently around 30 euros – 1000 vehicles are available. The sale ends on July 14 and only then will it become clear whether the funds are sufficient to finance the season.

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