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Bolzano – diploma! “Beyond Surfaces”. Before the summer break, the Faculty of Design and Art will show the second of three annual exhibitions of student specialties: Friday 15 July at 18: 00-21: 30 and Saturday 16 July at 11.00-17.00 can find them in the main building unibz in Bolzano various installations, works of art and prototypes of products of graduates.

“We are not missing rooms, we are missing you!” With this slogan, the Faculty of Design and Art addresses the visitors in the three editions of Diplorama 2022, as the presentation of the theses is clearly about looking beyond the superficial.

The stated goal of the exhibition’s curator, researcher and teacher Gianluca Camillini, is that the students fill the university premises with life again after the last two years: “Exclamation marks behind the exhibition’s title point to the moment of relief at. the end, the successful joint work and the party time. A moment that involves students, professors, the university community and external visitors, ”said Camillini.

Posters on the streets of Bolzano

On Friday 15 July and Saturday 16 July, those interested can see the specialties from the Bachelor of Design and Arts and the Master of Arts in Eco-Social Design on unibz and talk to the creative people.

This issue of Diplorama! will also be published through posters that will serve as a showcase for some of the exhibited projects. For 14 days, not only the campaign image of the current issue can be seen on the posters hung in the streets of Bolzano, but also the twelve best projects from the previous Diplorama issues, including the project “Nude. Forms of Genital Diversity ”by candidate Giulia Olivieri, who depicts male and female genitals on posters. For his final project, which consists of a digital platform, the designer was confronted with the lack of sources (in both the analog and digital worlds) that could represent the diversity of genital forms as usual. Olivieri wants to invite the viewer to embark on a path of self-discovery in relation to the genitals and their diversity. A deliberately provocative project that aims to make everyone feel comfortable with their own forms.

The exhibited projects

Among the projects exhibited in the summer edition of Diplorama, we should highlight “I morti non prendono l’ascensore”, a graphic novel by Ilaria Carrozzo. Also known as Icaro Tuttle, she is an aspiring illustrator on the Italian comics scene, telling the reality of a person suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. With “Hybrid Stories”, Rebecca Rossetto wants to encourage free play and create opportunities for new forms of shared storytelling with a range of dolls and children’s books that combine modern digital technologies with social interactions. “IM Stories” is the final project of Paolo Alpago-Novello, who has already worked with FC Barcelona, ​​Gazzetta dello Sport, Sportweek, Charles Leclerc and others. In a world shaped by economic interests, where football clubs are structured as their own brand worlds with ambitions and goals that go far beyond the purely sporting context, IM storytelling is an editorial product that emphasizes the value of shared historical memory in the construction of The identity. of the highlights of a football club. “KNOWHERE TO STAY” by Despoina Tzirou, on the other hand, deals with the issue of insecure living conditions and seeks solutions to the problem of homelessness.

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