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Buggings, July 4, 2022 – Smoke detectors save lives – great if they still look stylish like the compact WiFi smoke detectors from VisorTech. Since a smoke detector is usually not enough, we offer sets of 3, 5 and 10 detectors. The lifeguards can be mounted in all important rooms and all detectors warn at the same time – also via the app if one is triggered!

Warns acoustically, visually and via app about smoke in the apartment.

  • Reliable thanks to photoelectric smoke detection
  • The WLAN smoke detector warns with a high 85 dB
  • Mute function for smoke detector false alarm
  • Replaceable 2 year battery
  • Free ELESION app for worldwide alarm messages
  • Fully compatible with devices with Smart Life and Tuya app

With the compact WiFi design smoke detectors af VisorTech you protect yourself and your family from unintentional fire: To do this, equip important rooms such as the entrance hall, bedroom and living room with these smoke detectors. So you are well prepared for the fire hazards in your home.

Hard to miss in an emergency: With a high 85 dB, the alarm tone leaves no doubt! How to quickly get yourself and your family safe. And in the event of a false alarm, you can restore peace with the touch of a button.

Keep full control of the world with the “ELESION” app: This way you can also hear an alarm when you patrol the garden outside or go for a walk in the woods. And if you’re traveling, you can let friends or neighbors check things out quickly!

Automate the smart home: If other compatible devices are connected to the app, everything is controlled centrally – directly via the smartphone! The devices can even be connected to each other and can be connected to compatible light switches, sockets, LED lamps, security installations such as motion and water detectors, fan heaters and much more. You can now assemble and control all devices conveniently and centrally – directly via your smartphone!

Extension of the existing Smart Life and Tuya system: If you already have smart home devices that you control via the relevant app, there is good news. Our ELESION devices are compatible with Smart Life and Tuya devices. This way you can operate all devices together, if you wish – also via automatic functions!

  • Reliable smoke detection and wworldwide app announcement
  • Acoustic alarm: high 85dB
  • High security: tested according to DIN EN 14604: 2005 / AC: 2008
  • WiFi compatible: supports WLAN standards IEEE 802.11b / g / n (2.4 GHz)
  • Free app “ELESION” for iOS and Android: informs worldwide in case of an alarm
  • Automatic functions programmablefor example, turning on a light in the event of an alarm and more
  • Visual alarm: LED lights up when there is an alarm
  • Test button for function test and mute in case of false alarm
  • Low battery warning
  • Smoke intensity: 0.100 – 0.160 d / m
  • Temperature range: -10 – 55 ° C
  • Compatible with the Smart Life system: ELESION, Smart Life and Tuya devices can be combined into a smart home system if desired
  • Power supply: replaceable battery type CR123A for a term of up to 2 years
  • Dimensions (Ø x H): 80 x 32 mm, weight: 72 g
  • WLAN smoke alarm unit including battery, mounting accessories (2 dowels, 2 screws, 1 adhesive pad) and German instructions
  • EAN: 4022107393539

Price: 22.99 EUR

Order number. ZX-3150-625

Product link:

Also available as a set:

VisorTech Komptaker WiFi design smoke detector with worldwide announcement of 3

Price: 62.99 EUR

Order number. ZX-3151-625

Product link:

VisorTech Komptaker WiFi design smoke detector with worldwide announcement 5

Price: 99.99 EUR

Order number. ZX-3152-625

Product link:

VisorTech Komptaker WiFi design smoke detector with worldwide message 10s

Price: 189.99 EUR

Order number. ZX-3153-625

Product link:

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