Florian Sondershausen: Invest in the crypto market with a calculable risk

Florian Sondershausen


Florian Sondershausen is the CEO of Sondershausen Media GmbH and an expert in cryptocurrencies. He has made it his task to support those who want to invest in the crypto market, with an investment that is as low risk as possible and thus ensure a lucrative additional income. In the following, you will find out how he moves forward and what you need to be aware of.

Prices rise, but wages remain the same. Inflation means many people can afford less. For some people, the annual holiday is long gone, and now people have to tighten their belts even more when it comes to hobbies and entertainment. Prejudice-free people are looking for ways to secure themselves financially outside of their full-time job. By investing in cryptocurrencies, they want to achieve long-term economic freedom and no longer be dependent on the market. But lack of know-how causes many potential investors to fail or shy away from taking the first step. Florian Sondershausen, CEO of Sondershausen Media GmbH, is an expert in cryptocurrencies and can help.

It does not matter if you are a beginner, beginner or experienced investor who wants to professionalize: Florian Sondershausen and his team help their clients get a steady income from blockchain. The basis is a complete explanation that he gives to the customers after an initial discussion in his education.

With know-how and optimal strategies for success in the crypto market

Florian Sondershausen was already busy making money online as a teenager. He gained a lot of experience over the years and gained financial freedom at the age of thirty thanks to his investments in crypto. He wants to pass on his knowledge today. That is why he founded Germany’s largest blockchain educational institution, Sondershausen Media GmbH. There, his clients learn everything they need to know for successful investing based on their personal starting point. For many clients, this starts with removing their prejudices, fears and worries by learning about the risks and opportunities of cryptocurrencies. Then they go deeper into the matter according to a five-step plan.

Florian Sondershausen: In five steps to measurable results

Anyone interested in what Florian Sondershausen and his team at Sondershausen Media GmbH have to offer can apply on their website and clarify the most important issues in advance in a non-binding introductory meeting. Often there are still uncertainties on the part of the customer, followed by training, which lasts between six and twelve months depending on the customer’s experience level. Here, participants learn in five steps how to secure their financial freedom in the long run.

In interactive training sessions, clients get the tools they need to invest in crypto. This includes, among other things, the basic knowledge of the crypto market, which is indispensable for a successful investment. Participants then learn how to analyze the financial markets with great accuracy. For example, you will learn how investors think and act. This psychological knowledge allows them to assess possible investments technically and financially.

Armed with the basic theory, the knowledge of crypto investments is deepened and put into practice: Beginners make their first investments under guidance. They then evaluate the experience gained. They benefit from the network that Florian Sondershausen has built.

A common basis for individual strength

Since the founding of Sondershausen Media GmbH in 2019, more than a thousand participants have participated in the coaching of Florian Sondershausen and his team. As part of a network, the participants support each other and create a common learning process. Obstacles are more easily overcome.

Despite the sense of community, the focus is of course on the customers’ individual goals. Florian Sondershausen knows that everyone has their own view of the crypto market. While some are concerned with building wealth quickly, others are looking for a stable investment platform for long-term goals. In Florian Sondershausen’s eyes, both perspectives are justified and form the basis of a strategy discussion in which he and his clients determine their individual path into the future of the digital financial market. A long-term strategy includes knowing what the investment should look like over the next few months and the coming year, and how customers should best respond if a worst-case scenario arises. Such a plan for the future makes it possible to plan investments and use blockchain technologies profitably.

Organizing yourself in this way is the last step in training. This ensures that potential investors do not lack the perseverance without which long-term success is not possible. Armed with know-how and a systematic concept, Florian Sondershausen’s clients invest in the crypto market with a calculable risk of expanding and managing their assets and of achieving their personal goals.

Do you also want to build an extra income by investing in the crypto market in the long run and with a planned risk? Then contact Florian Sondershausen from Sondershausen Media GmbH and arrange a free initial consultation!

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