9 tips for parents and children in July in Friborg – Friborg

The second half of the year begins in July, the days get shorter again, but it is still summer. With this weather you only need a water point, swimsuit and sunscreen – and there are some cultural offerings in July in Freiburg.

The youth organization’s taste code day

Let’s start with Maker Day on July 2nd. The youth organization’s taste code day invites children from the age of 10, young people and adults to spend a day on programming. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you can try it one day in workshops and at open stations. From 3D printing to LED programming to soldering – the program promises variety, and if you need a break, you can relax with waffles and drinks.

Children’s theater “The Gruffalo” in Kirchzarten

What does something mean in life? In the rarest cases to be the largest or strongest. Wisdom, courage and self-confidence usually get you through difficult life situations. It also shows the little mouse in Gruffalo, who refuses to be deterred from walking alone through the woods, even though the danger lurks by every tree. With a lot of imagination, wit and confidence, she outwitted everyone.

What: Children’s Theater with Pohybs and Friends: The Gruffalo (4+)
When: July 3 at 11.00
Where: Talvogtei, Kirchzarten (partially open air, pack rain protection if necessary)
Entrance: 6 euros, order by phone on 07661/2164 or info@ki-buch.de

Family Sunday at the Museum of Contemporary Art

Colorful, colorful, rainbow: What happens when you mix two, three or more colors together? You can find out how to win all the colors of the rainbow with your children from the age of 5 to the family afternoon at the Museum of Contemporary Art. As always, you can be creative in the end and paint your own rainbow pictures and take them home.

What: Family Sunday at the Museum of Contemporary Art
When: July 3, at
Where: Museum of Contemporary Art
Entrance: 5 euros, plus admission for adults, limited number of participants

Narrative theater in the district library in Mooswald

“My mother is the strongest!”. Have you also heard your children say that? At any rate, the wolf gets quite annoyed when a quack tries to explain to him that his mother is even stronger than he is, especially because all the other animals share his opinion and also think he is the biggest and strongest. Whether the wolf overestimates himself or Quabbelwubbel his mother ?! You can find out at the narrative theater of the Mooswald District Library.

What: Kamishibai: I am the strongest of them all
When: July 7 at 3:30 p.m.
Where: Mooswald District Library, Falkenbergerstr. 10
Entrance: available

Family trip to the Augustinian Museum

Experience the Middle Ages, at least to some extent, you can do so on a family trip to the Augustinian Museum. The interactive tour takes you on a journey into past art eras.

What: Family trip – Come with us to the Middle Ages! (from 5)
When: July 10, at
Where: Augustine Museum
Entrance: 2.50 euros plus admission for adults

Tent music festival

It’s finally back: the tent music festival in Freiburg’s Mundenhof. However, it is worth it to be quick, some children’s and family events are already sold out. “Children’s rhyme” for the whole family. It probably best describes the music style in the band TöF’s Rappelkiste. Whether it’s rap or singing, whether it’s loud or soft, the five – man band’s songs are about “living together in the family and other disasters”. The band’s self-produced first album was last year awarded the 39th German rock and pop award in the category “Best children’s song album” and will be performed live at this year’s ZMF. Get on the dance floor and get ready for catchy tunes.

What: TöF’s Rappelkiste
When: July 16 at 2:30 p.m.
Where: Mirror tent, ZMF
Entrance: 8 euros
Info: website

“ColourAffenLand” from Teatret Budenzauber

Also award-winning (at the 17th Amberg Children’s Theater Festival) it continues with Teater Budenzauber and their play FarbAffenLand. It’s about friendship and being different, it’s about making the world more colorful and accepting its many colors. Two friendly colors suddenly encounter a third color. One finds it intriguing and intriguing, the other feels disturbed by the new color. You can find out what colors are in question and where the Expedition of Colors is heading on July 21st in ZMF.

What: Theater Budenzauber – FarbAffenLand (from 4)
When: July 21 at 2:30 p.m.
Where: Mirror tent ZMF
Entrance: 8 euros
Info: website

Concert by the band “Wärmeten Erna” at ZMF

The concert with the Berlin band Rocket Erna rocker. The trio from Berlin-Kreuzberg sing and make music through a wide range of genres, from ballads to jazzy-pop songs to rock, everything is included. It’s about an animal in high heels, the world’s best friend and about equality and tolerance.

What: Erna concert track
When: July 23 at 2:30 p.m.
Where: Mirror tent ZMF
Entrance: 13 euros
Info: website

How Timmy became interested in music

“How Timmy Got Interested in Music” is a journey through time through classical music. Who knows? The desire and longing to be able to play an instrument, but have absolutely no desire to practice it? So does Timmy. He really wants to play the flute, but he certainly does not want to have to practice a little. But in his dreams he experiences the most adventurous musical time travel and thus ends up in a knight’s castle, a royal court and the Vienna Opera.

What: Classical for Kids – How Timmy became interested in music
When: July 30 at 2:30 p.m.
Where: Mirror tent ZMF
Entrance: 8 euros
Info: website

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