Supplement income with NFT Online Games

Just as chips are won in casinos, players in OnlineGames collect NFTs as winnings.

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With increasing digitization, there is also increasing interest in Passau and throughout Germany to supplement its own income online. In addition to popular online casinos, NFT online games are also becoming increasingly popular. The games belong to the play-to-earn model, where players can earn winnings directly in the game and even get them paid out as real money. This makes NFT online gaming an interesting opportunity for students, retirees, the unemployed and anyone who enjoys online gaming to increase their income.

Make money while playing

The internet is rich in online games that promise great entertainment and a varied time. A new concept can now mean that money can be easily made with such games. So-called Play to Earn games work decentrally and are not dependent on a specific company or developer. Instead, players design their own items that can be sold in the game. This way, it is possible to earn extra income while playing.

This way of playing is based on NFT and Blockchain technologies. NFT stands for “Non-fungible Token”. They have many fans, but are also heavily criticized from various sides. Therefore, companies that have focused on developing and marketing games are skeptical about how to deal with this trend. Some like CCP Games embrace Play to Earn games and see it as the future of gaming. Others, like Ubisoft, face so much headwind that they are more wary of NFTs. There are many indications that the course will be set over the next few years for how the gaming industry will develop in the longer term.

Use Paysafecard payment options

The development of new forms of gaming requires new payment options. It is especially important for many players that online payments are easy and secure. Therefore, they are not only dependent on debit and credit cards, but are increasingly using prepaid cards. These give you full cost control and facilitate player protection. It can only be played as long as there is money on the card. After this, the card must first be recharged.

This form of payment is often used in online casinos in particular. Thanks to encryption and a PIN code, it is extremely secure and allows real-time payments. It can now be used in almost 50 countries and is suitable for using casino bonuses. In addition, players remain anonymous with the card and retain full control over the amounts they wager at an online casino. At it is easy to see where and how a Paysafecard can be used.

Cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly popular as a payment option

Another form of payment that is becoming more and more popular for online gaming is cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is the most well-known currency of this type, but Ethereum and Tether are also being used more and more. Such digital currencies can be used both for betting in a casino and for paying out winnings. Users benefit from the fact that cryptocurrencies are excellently encrypted and abuse is unlikely. In contrast, the non-fungible tokens, the NFTs, are collected and used in the game. Currencies in the game can also be exchanged for real money via cryptocurrencies. You can even make real money with NFT Online Games.

Meanwhile, two different types of casinos have been developed, each with a different focus: real money casinos and crypto casinos. In real money casinos, players can make their deposits in different currencies and the winnings are also available in international currencies such as dollars, euros or British pounds. Cryptocurrencies are just one form of payment among many. Pure crypto casinos instead focus on cryptocurrencies and offer them only as a payment option.

Play to earn in Metaverset

The Metaverse is a digital world that people can participate in through avatars. This world offers many different uses, but is mainly used for games. People meet in virtual spaces to have fun and play games. Digital tools such as VR glasses make it possible to have an all-round authentic gaming experience. Anyone who sits down at an online casino in Metaverset has the feeling of being right there.

Play to earn games, especially take advantage of Metaverse. Here it is easy to create digital goods and sell them through online channels. In principle, it is possible that virtual values ​​arise over time, which do not differ from the values ​​of analogue goods in the real world. Through links between digital solutions and the real economy, it would be possible to earn some extra money through play-to-earn games and with a little luck secure oneself financially.

More and more people in Passau are using NFT online games

The number of people in Passau who use NFT online games and are enthusiastic about Metaverse is constantly growing. One of the reasons for this is that people are hoping to earn something extra for their retirement this way. In addition, many have learned during the pandemic the importance of avoiding contact. They are therefore looking for alternative ways to have fun with other people without exposing themselves to health risks. In addition, many people have more free time than before due to the pandemic and are therefore looking for new job opportunities. In the digital world and especially in online casinos and in Metaverse, they will then find what they are looking for. Winning and trading NFTs directly in the game is an incentive for many people to dive deeper into the matter.

Drive digitalisation forward

For the online games with their various winning and payment options to be successful, it is extremely important to promote digitalisation in this country. Stable, reliable internet connections are important for participating in online gaming in general and Play to Earn in particular. In addition, new security concepts need to be developed and implemented to enable players to enjoy safe and hassle-free play. Last but not least, the games must be designed in such a way that they can be used as universally as possible and also work perfectly on, for example, mobile devices.


Passau is an excellent example of how online gaming in general and online casinos and NFT online gaming in particular attract a large community of fans. Above all, the fun that NFTs bring to the world of online gaming and the high safety standards means that more and more people are choosing such leisure activities. Currently, Play to Earn Games is becoming important factors in the gaming world. It is still unknown how online gaming will evolve in the coming years and what game types, rewards and payment options will prevail.

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