Nabu Naturschutzhof Nettetal: holiday program for children

For children in Nettetal
Holiday with insects and snack garden

The holiday campaigns have started at the nature reserve Nabu. Children can playfully discover nature and the animals. There are also dates for adults in July and August.

The boys and girls look excitedly at the pitch, while Viktoria Schutz and Tamara Pastors explain the rules. It is the first holiday campaign on the topic of “summer nature experience”, launched in Nabu nature reserve. “We already have perfect weather, now it’s about your good memory and of course about having fun,” says Viktoria Schutz, who is doing a volunteer ecological year in Nabu. A total of eight activities for children and accompanying adults will take place.

“We were very busy after the program was announced, some are on the waiting list,” reports Tamara Pastors, who will perform her federal volunteer service at the nature reserve until September. However, the chances of being delayed would not be bad, for there would always be some cancellations due to illness.

The bees are buzzing, the birds are chirping. In the middle of a perfect natural backdrop, the teams get started. The children roll the dice and have to find the corresponding number on the cards hidden in the herb garden, on the sweet fruit meadow, by the pond or other places such as. the rock garden. There is a symbol on the back that they must remember.

Working with children is fun for both young women. They also got inspiration for the content of the program from the previous year: “We looked at what had gone well so far and added our own ideas,” Schutz and Pastors say. Jakob and Maximilian just can not find number eleven. “Can you give us a little tip?” asks the boys. Protection and priests can: Somewhere in the rock garden, the number eleven could be hidden. The two are already underway. But just remembering the symbol does not mean that the teams have solved their task. “Then there is still one question or task to be solved,” says Viktoria Schutz, who will study aquatic biology in Essen from the autumn. Emmi and Helen should mention three things they associate with summer: “Sun, flowers and many are in the pool,” they say.

To cool down, Tamara Pastors gets a carton of apple juice and water for the kids. In between, Wiebke Esmann, head of the Nabu Naturschutzhof, looks past. “We know some of the children from different groups of children, but others are here with us for the first time,” says Viktoria Schutz. Therefore, some of the small natural scientists know particularly well around when, for example, they are asked about three types of butterflies: “Lemon butterfly, peacock butterfly and admiral”, comes from Carl like a shot from a gun.

But the holiday afternoon is not only about knowledge, but also about movement: Ten spring jacks, wheelbarrow races or making a wagon wheel are tasks on the list. Jakob and Maximilian are very motivated, but then one of the boys hits a fiver and they just miss the goal. The two also need a few fields left. The other teams are now hot on their heels. Everyone is at home.

In the end, the kids are happy because everyone managed it and of course had a lot of fun. “We will see some of you again for other activities,” Viktoria Schutz and Tamara Pastors say a happy goodbye to the children.

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