These are the best summer fertilizers

What grass fertilizer should you use in the summer?

With such an organic fertilizer

Organic lawn fertilizer from Plantura and the organic lawn fertilizer from Substral Nature, you will not go wrong even in summer. When choosing the right lawn fertilizer in the summer months, pay special attention to a low nitrogen content, as it can otherwise damage the lawn in hot and dry conditions.

Lawn fertilizer with a good mix of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium promises the best results. The composition of the three components is also referred to as the NPK ratio and is usually listed on the lawn fertilizer in the form “20-5-10”. Which condition is beneficial for your lawn also depends on how it is used.

Our favorite: Plantura organic lawn fertilizer with long-term effect

The organic lawn fertilizer from Plantura has a long-term effect of up to three months and is suitable for spring and summer fertilization. According to the manufacturer, the fertilizer is also suitable for fertilizing rolled grass. With an NPK ratio of “6-1-6”, the organic lawn fertilizer ensures a healthy and green lawn without moss. The organic fertilizer is purely organic and contains no animal ingredients.

The organic material promotes a healthy soil life. This makes the lawn fertilizer safe for pets such as dogs and small animals that may come in contact with this fertilizer. Even children can play on the lawn again immediately after fertilization.

The manufacturer recommends the lawn fertilizer for spring and summer. The optimal application time is between February and October. After that should be special

autumn lawn fertilizer being used. The odorless granulate is easy to wipe up with your hands or one spreads bring out the sales weight of 10.5 kilos rows to about 250 square meters of lawn.

Price tip: Substral organic lawn fertilizer

The organic lawn fertilizer from Substral is an organic complete fertilizer. With its natural long-term effect of three months, it is suitable for both sports and playgrounds as well as decorative lawns. The fertilizer consists of 100 percent natural ingredients and can be applied to all types of lawns. The NPK ratio is “9-2-2”.

The natural ingredients reduce the risk of burning the lawn and at the same time promote a healthy soil life. The organic lawn fertilizer is therefore also suitable for organic farming. Another benefit: Pets and children can walk on the lawn after fertilization.

The manufacturer recommends fertilization from March to September. The dust-free mini granulate can be easily applied by hand and is also suitable for all commercially available spreaders such as the HandyGreen hand spreader from Substral. If you use mulching lawn mowers or robotic lawn mowers, the organic lawn fertilizer is the ideal supplement. 2.8 kg of manure should be sufficient for about 80 square meters of lawn.

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