CDU: “Freedom of contribution is an empty promise for parents and children in Osnabrück”

After the GRÜNEN / SPD / Volt issued a press release on Wednesday morning (June 29) promising that Completely abolish fees for crèches and continuation schools in Osnabrückreports Osnabrück CDU now and claims that it is just an empty promise from the majority group.

“Freedom of contribution is an empty promise from the Greens, SPD and Volt to all parents and children in Osnabrück. Even now, there are neither enough skilled nor vacant places. Every year, more than 250 parents are unable to find a daycare place for their child, ”said the mayor Eva Maria Westermann, Youth Policy Spokeswoman for the CDU Parliamentary Group. “The abolition of parental benefits will further increase the pressure on institutions and educators and leave many extra parents and children without childcare places. First we have to improve the infrastructure, create more places and hire skilled workers, otherwise the quality of our crèches and leisure centers will suffer greatly over the next few years. ”

Commercial tax revenue is needed for school expansion

At the upcoming City Council meeting on 5 July, the majority group of Greens, SPD and Volt would like to abolish the day care and after-school contributions for parents. Low-income families can already have their contribution waived upon application. However, the SPD has announced that it intends to fund the contributions from the additional generated commercial tax revenue. “There is an urgent need for the extra business tax revenue for the school expansion and the implementation of the full-day offer or for software in the schools. All factions agreed on this. It is completely incomprehensible for us to plan these funds differently than agreed. Especially in light of the rising construction costs, the school and the all-day expansion can be significantly more expensive than planned, ”Westermann continues.

Freedom to contribute is “irresponsible”

CDU faction leader Fritz Brickwedde adds: “Overall, the budget situation will be much more difficult over the next few years due to war and the energy crisis as well as price increases. In addition, the financial situation of public utilities. In the next few years, they will no longer pay millions to the city, but will have to spend millions of euros from the city to, among other things, finance the baths. WiO will also cost us many millions of euros every year. For financial as well as educational reasons, the exemption from contributions is absolutely irresponsible at present. “

Freedom of contribution is the task of the state

The CDU’s parliamentary group leader is particularly disappointed with the Greens. Until now, the CDU and the Greens had always rejected the SPD’s request. A main argument from the CDU and the Greens was that the exemption from contributions to crèches and kindergartens is a task for the Land of Lower Saxony. Brickwedde: “What MP Henning did not achieve as a member of the leading governing party, he will now burden the city of Osnabrück with the help of the Greens.”

The city wants to provide childcare for 70 percent of all children of nursery age. In October 2021, it was almost 63 percent for one- and two-year-olds. “The goal from the municipality has not yet been reached, and if the day care contributions are no longer available, we must expect a significantly greater demand. We need to put more money into the infrastructure and staffing of our care services in order to sustainably increase the quality of our facilities, “says Westermann.” We want to make the work easier for the educators instead of increasing the pressure. The Greens , SPD and Volt do the institutions a disservice and will only burden the budget hard the next few years with their application and disappoint countless parents, children and educators, ”concludes Brickwedde.

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