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The city of Regensburg enables its citizens to participate in the planning of the Regensburg light rail system. Several formats have been developed for the exchange, which will enable citizen participation both online and on site in the coming months. The first dialogue forum will start on 5 July in the Neuhaussaal in the Theater Regensburg.

On June 27, 2022, at the start of Regensburg Sustainability Week, the dialogue and participation in the Regensburg Stadtbahn began. On the Stadtbahn’s website, interested citizens can submit their proposals for the two Stadtbahn lines and influence the design and equipment of the vehicles. In addition, the new dialogue forum on 5 July 2022 provides the opportunity for direct exchange on the spot.

Intensive exchange on site and on the Internet

The Stadtbahn is a central building block for sustainable mobility and urban development in Regensburg. As the backbone of public transport, the intention is to relieve the bus system with two lines on requested axes, inspire more people to switch to emission-free means of transport and sustainably improve the quality of life in the cathedral city.

The early participation of the public is an important building block for an efficient and successful realization of the light rail system. On 27 June 2022, the dialogue with the public will begin, which will accompany the planning and ensure that the population and interest groups can express their concerns. Various formats have been developed for this purpose, which will enable an intensive exchange of the Stadtbahn in the coming months – at events on site and also on the Internet: “A future-oriented project such as the Stadtbahn can only be planned and implemented with the involvement of the urban community. “I have established a comprehensive dialogue process that accompanies the planning and provides various opportunities for participation. I can only encourage everyone to use the information offered and contribute their opinion. The feedback helps us find the best possible solution for the light rail system,” said Mayor Maltz -Schwarzfischer for participation.

A master plan is currently being prepared, which specifies the implementation of the two lines in the core network. These light rail plans create a good starting point for public participation, as planning and construction worker Christine Schimpfermann explains: “The light rail is still in a very early planning phase. This is an ideal time to bring in ideas and suggestions. ”

Suggestions for key planning milestones

A key component of participation is a map-based online dialogue, which will be available for six weeks from 27 June 2022 on the website at “You can get an idea of ​​the key milestones on a digital map do the planning. It “We want the citizens to contribute their knowledge and experiences from everyday mobility along the two lines via the online dialogue. We look forward to and look forward to the suggestions from the citizens,” Schimpfermann continued.

The public is also invited to participate in the design of the future Stadtbahn vehicles: In parallel with the online dialogue on the Stadtbahn lines, there will also be an opportunity from 27 June 2022 to submit proposals and wishes for the vehicles’ design and equipment. : “Visually attractive and functional vehicles are an important criterion for acceptance and use of the light rail system. The people who will be traveling by light rail in the future should have an influence on equipment and design. We have therefore created an opportunity for online participation that enables co-determination of the exterior design and various components of the interior, ”explains Manfred Koller, CEO of Stadtwerk.Regensburg, and explains the background. “Transparency is the precondition for dialogue,” Koller continued. “Therefore, we are increasingly providing information on the Internet – about the route, the vehicles and the planned location of the planned depot.” The online vehicle dialogue is accompanied by an exhibition of the design drafts in the kepleR + project office in D. -Martin -Luther-Str. 19. This will open on July 12, 2022 at. 11:00 together with the designer Andreas Panik.

Dialogue forums bring people and interest groups together

Dialogue and participation also play a central role in a number of events related to the light rail. The on-site exchange starts with a first dialogue forum in the Neuhaussaal in the Regensburg Theater on 5 July 2022. From 18:30, interested citizens will find out important information about the current planning and its background. There is also the opportunity to exchange views on the Regensburg Stadtbahn with representatives of planning, politics, administration, various social groups and institutions as well as citizens randomly selected. Additional dialogue forums are planned in the coming months.
In addition, there will be events and inspections of individual routes. Dr Christoph Ewen, from the ewen moderation team, emphasizes the importance of the events: “Discussion with the public is central to the successful implementation of the light rail system. We therefore deliberately address citizens and interest groups with dialogue forums and route views. The purpose is to get the urban community to talk together and prepare this dialogue in the end – so that the city council can make a decision on this basis “.

The proposals from the online dialogues and the impulses from the dialogue forum are gathered and assessed so that they can be included in the further planning. Key topics and results are disseminated transparently on Stadtbahn’s website. In addition, the proposals serve as an impetus for discussion in the dialogue forum and for organizing further dialogue formats.

The two online dialogues as well as further information about the vehicle design exhibition and the project ‘Stadtbahn Regensburg’ can be found here.

Byen Regensburg / RNRed

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