Lead digital experience: meaning, tasks and job profile

Digitization is changing our world of work from the bottom up. Therefore, new job descriptions are emerging. But what is hidden behind the names? We want to make that tangible in “And what are you doing?” Today: Daniel Marx and the profession Lead Digital Experience.

The start of the day as Lead digital experience

BASIC THINKING: Daniel, you work as a Lead Digital Experience at Stagg & Friends. Describe to us in four sentences how to explain your job to new friends.

I’m Stagg & Friends’ digital expertise ambassador. That means I have my hat on when it comes to creating digital experiences. I take on various roles in ongoing customer business.

From digital strategists and design thinking moderators to UX design experts and project managers, everything is included. I also support my colleagues as a coach, sparring partner and facilitator of digital innovations. Sometimes also as a bearer of knowledge.

Everyday work as Lead digital experience

What does a normal day look like at your job?

There is no such thing as a “usual day at the office” because we work ‘far first’ and free of time. So there is sometimes a time frame, but not a classic. If I work from home, which is usually the case, I start communicating and planning the day around 8.30am. After that, if my schedule allows, I take a short break for meditation or some yoga.

After this, I focus for a few hours on important tasks such as making customer presentations or designing workshops as well as meetings with customers and colleagues. After the lunch break, I block time for coordinated work with new content.

It can be contributions to internal formats, where I present and explain technological and digital trends or impulse presentations and cases that deal with innovative topics for our customers. Coordination with customers and colleagues is of course a high priority.

Sometimes I go jogging in the afternoon and then continue working, sometimes I work until around 6:30 p.m. The date is set for dinner together as a family. I rarely use my computer afterwards for work.

And what do you start the day with?

With an espresso, preferably in the fresh morning air on the balcony – preferably with blue sky and sunshine. Perfect start! Then I take my daughter to KiTa.

Daniel Marx, Lead Digital Experience at Stagg & Friends.

The tasks as Lead digital experience

What tasks are there in your area?

I have both internal and external tasks. So I am responsible for further expanding our customer team’s digital know-how in the areas of brand, product and learning experiences. I offer internal sessions on various topics such as digital strategy or individual technologies.

I prepare and edit these sessions myself, so that I adapt the content to my colleagues’ needs and level of knowledge. In addition, I am available at all times as an expert for both internal colleagues and our customers.

In addition, my involvement in the regular project business, where I take on different roles depending on the project. Another point is the expansion of our digital competence through new employees.

To do this, I screen applications and interesting profiles in close collaboration with the responsible colleague. I go into discussions and try to share my enthusiasm for Stagg & Friends with the candidates and to convince them of us.

How do you personally define and interpret your job as Lead Digital Experience?

Positioning in the market as a specialist for brand, product and learning experiences is very important to me. Likewise, the type of collaboration between the individual teams and our customers, linked to the competence that I represent.

The Digital Experience team at Stagg & Friends is not a silo, either internally or externally. Instead, it must have an integrative and flexible effect. That is why I anchor digital experiences and services in the reality of our customers.

Inclusion in the company structure

How is your position integrated into the corporate structure? Say: Who are you reporting to and who are you working with?

We work together in agile and self-help cells, based on customer structure, competencies and tasks. I do not report either, but exchange information directly with management at eye level.

Of course, the role of Lead Digital Experience is interpreted differently in each company. What perspectives do you miss that are fundamentally part of the job description?

Due to my career and my competencies, I act very holistically and freely in my position and my focus on content. So I can actually say that nothing is neglected.

Fun and gratitude at work

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I like the variety and the fact that I – as described – take on different roles. And I like the freedom of being able to put topics of my choice. For example, I have currently defined NFTs and Web3 as focal points. I do not have to coordinate that, I can tackle that and get support from the team.

What are you especially grateful for?

Over the course of my professional career, I have been able to learn about myself that nothing is as important to me as self-determination and freedom. I currently have both to an extent I have never had before. I can organize my day freely, take time for our customers as well as for my family and myself.

I’m also happy to have left my comfort zone: After my last job, I did not switch back to a purely digital agency or consulting firm, but deliberately went another way at Stagg & Friends.

For me, the field of brand, product and leaning experiences is an exciting and sometimes new area where I can learn a lot and also think “digitally” from a new perspective.

And how do you become now Lead digital experience

Especially in the digital industry, there is often no longer a classical education. How did you get your position?

After finishing high school and doing community service, I tried my hand at business economics for a semester, but then decided to study German and history instead. At the same time, I gained my first experience in PR agencies, mostly in the fashion sector. After my studies, I started as a trainee text at OgilvyOne.

After that, I developed further at DDB in the direction of text & concept, before joining a digital platform agency, ecx.io, as a UX designer. This became my longest station, most recently leading UX & UI design teams in Germany and Austria.

What tip would you give to a newcomer or interested career changer who also wants to become a Lead Digital Experience?

There is a nice saying “When the student is ready, the teacher shows up”. I can only support that: “Digital” is constantly changing, there are constantly new possibilities. Many doors are open to those who are willing to familiarize themselves with new topics of private engagement.

Of course, not everything is always easy. Looking back, I did not always manage to handle every feedback and setback as constructively as it would have been good. But those are exactly the moments where you learn and when you grow. Sometimes you just have to take a step back to go two steps forward.

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