Highly needed: The first clinic for child and adolescent psychiatry in northern Upper Palatinate comes to Weiden

pastures. If children and young people from North Upper Palatinate need a 24-hour clinic due to mental illness, they must travel to Regensburg with their parents. A great burden. That will change from 2025. It was not just the Corona lockdown that showed that many children and young people have mental health problems.

Directly behind the previous Augustiner seminar, a 24-hour clinic for child and adolescent psychiatry is being built for around 33.6 million euros. The operator is Medbo (medical facilities in the Oberpfalz district).

2800 square meters newly built

Where seminar students used to play football, construction has been going on since August 2021. The foundation is already in place, followed by four floors with almost 2800 square meters. There are the following facilities:

  • 24-hour clinic for children and young people in three wards with a total of 32 bedsincluding 8 beds for addicted young people
  • Day clinic for children and young people 18 seats (currently there are 12, new places will be created for toddlers and preschoolers)
  • Department of Psychiatry’s outpatient clinic
  • School for the sick for children and young people

20 percent of children are mentally stressed

These extra seats are badly needed. Seven percent of young people worldwide are mentally ill, 20 percent of children and young people are considered mentally stressed, says Dr. Christian Rexroth, chief physician at Weiden’s Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Clinic. The most common symptoms are anxiety, depression, sleep disorders and self-destructive behavior. This has not only been the case since the corona pandemic. But lockdown and homeschooling have had serious consequences, especially for families with low incomes or migration backgrounds: Seven out of ten children say they are mentally stressed. “They’re scared of the future, a lot of worries,” Rexroth says.

The figures show that there is a need in Weiden. 2019 alone was 1,200 small patients in day clinic and psychiatric institute outpatient clinic.

From 34 to 100 employees

If a child or young person has such severe mental health problems that he or she needs to be treated in hospital, the next point of contact is now regensburg. It is an hour’s drive or more from the northern upper Palatinate. A great burden for children and parents who want to visit the children every day if possible – for poorer families without a car it is almost impossible.

That will all change from 2025. So far, we have been working on the Weiden location 34 employees within child and adolescent psychiatry, the new building is being moved around 100 be.

  • Costs: The total cost is approx 33.6 million. However, this sum is not guaranteed for the sake of construction costs, the chairman of the district council emphasizes Franz Loeffler. Be sure: round 22 million euros taken over by the Free State. The district of Oberpfalz bears the cost of the school for the sick over 3.6 million euros. The cohabitant almost wears out 8 million euros using own funds.
  • Building: 2780 square meters spread over 4 floors. The building will be 62 meters long, 32 meters wide and 17 meters high.

Shorter waiting time

Dr. Dr. Helmut Hausner, President of Medbo, recalled the importance of mental health to society. District Chairman Franz Loeffler was pleased that Medbo has six successful locations (Amberg, Cham, Parsberg, Regensburg, Weiden and Wöllershof) for mental and neurological health in Upper Palatinate. Vice Chairman of the District Council and Weiden’s Deputy Mayor Lothar Higher was sure that with the extra offer in Weiden, the waiting times for people from the northern part of Oberpfalz would also be better. architect Stephan Beerwerth (Architects Dewan Friedenberger) referred to structural features as two bright inner courtyards, natural materials and corridors as playgrounds. For space is also part of therapy.

Contact the affected and interested employees

Chief physician in child and adolescent psychiatry Dr. Stephanie Kiene referred to the important work with a quote from Pippi Longstocking, which responded to the phrase “Pippi, the storm is getting stronger!”: “It does not matter, me either.”

Kiene emphasized to OberpfalzECHO that child and adolescent psychiatry is already looking forward to interested staff from all areas (from medicine to occupational therapy) and also to interested patients. Contact: Sebastianstraße 27, telephone 0961 / 39167-0, info@medbo.de.

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