Duchess Meghan: She is challenging her half-sister’s trial again

Duchess Meghan
She is again challenging her half-sister’s defamation case

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The feud between Duchess Meghan and Samantha Markle apparently goes into the next round. Meghan’s first attempt to have his half-sister’s defamation case dismissed has failed. But Prince Harry’s wife does not give up.

Prince Harry, 37, and Duchess Meghan, 40, emigrated to Montecito, California, to build a life away from the hustle and bustle of the British royal family, but they also do not appear to be resting there. For it is not only the quarrel with Harry’s relatives that continues to make headlines, the feud with Markles also weighs on the Sussex. Precisely Meghan’s half-sister apparently does not want to let the bitter argumentation rest.

Duchess Meghan is once again taking action against her sister’s defamation case

In March, Samantha Markle, 57, filed a defamation suit against the Duchess of Sussex over her 2021 interview with Oprah Winfrey, 68. Her accusation: Meghan lied and made up stories about her childhood and youth in “poverty.” On June 17, she filed a motion to dismiss the charges against her, but without success.

As Us Weekly reports, her application was denied on June 21 because Samantha filed a modified lawsuit. Now, however, Meghan is trying her luck again. In court documents obtained by the American celebrity site, the 40-year-old is said to be arguing against her half-sister’s allegations in her “unfounded defamation case”. In it, Meghan claims that Samantha “removed several specific factual allegations and evidence from her original trial; the facts” completely undermined Samantha’s case. “

Most openly, her original complaint included an email from Meghan from 2018 to then-Kensington Palace communications secretary Jason Knauf, which the plaintiff claimed was the basis for the allegedly defamatory statements in “Finding Freedom”, “Us Weekly” further quoted from the documents. “But the e-mail itself rejects the plaintiff’s claim that Meghan was in any way responsible for the allegedly defamatory statements by the authors of ‘Finding Freedom’.”

“In his desperation to save his case, the plaintiff literally compiled one of the testimonies, as evidenced by the missing interrogation transcript.”

Samantha Markle keeps talking about her broken relationship with Meghan

Samantha Markle has previously spoken publicly about her relationship with her half-sister. In her March application, she accused the former ‘Suits’ actress of lying about her and their father Thomas Markle, 77, so that Samantha and Thomas could “create the false narrative and adventurous life story that [Meghan] compound can not destroy or contradict it “.

Duchess Meghan, on the other hand, argues in her dismissal that there is no reason to involve a judge in this case. “We do not use a jury to determine if two people are ‘close’ or if someone really feels ‘raised as an only child’,” Meghan’s application reads. Courts are unable to rule on “the legality of a person’s feelings about their childhood and their relationship,” it said. “Nor should they be. […] This dispute has no place in this or any other court. “

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