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Youth series on TV and stream – all broadcast dates

In the youth series “The Face – The Ugly Children’s Club”, hostages take people in their power during a TV show. We have KiKA broadcast dates and stream information for you.

“The Face – The Club of Ugly Children” is a Dutch youth series shown at KiKA in Germany. It is about the TV show “The Face”, where the country’s most beautiful face is sought, as hostages suddenly take control of the people in the studio.

We have made an overview of sending dates for you. Did you miss the show? Then check to see if the episodes are also available online at ARD’s media library.

The Face – The Ugly Kids Club – How it all began

In a nutshell, the most important information about channels, broadcast times, broadcast dates and availability of streams for the Face – The Ugly Children’s Club – How it all began.

  • The Face – The Ugly Kids Club – How it all started is broadcast on MDR
  • The Face – The Ugly Kids Club – How it all began can be received as a stream
  • No new episodes will be aired in June and July
  • No repetitions are shown either
  • Some episodes are available in the media library

Release Dates and Times for “The Face – The Ugly Kids Club – How it all started”

is currently no new episode of The Face – The Ugly Kids Club – how it all began aired. However, you can watch reruns on TV. These run in principle on MDR, but we also show you broadcast dates for other stations here.


The face

by 08/02/2022 around 02:15 watch

The casting show “The Face” is looking for the country’s most beautiful face. The show is in line with President Isimo’s position, which has exposed the country to a beauty dictatorship. His so-called cleaning assistants ensure total monitoring and suppression of other opinions.

Candidate Kai expects nothing less than a victory on “The Face”, especially as he constantly asks his followers to vote for him. His competitor Zoe, on the other hand, is rejected by the jurors Camilla, and Edsilia can hardly calculate any chances. Rox is also in the studio. Kai’s classmate is very critical of the show, even though her father is involved in the production as a cameraman.

In fact, Kai seems to impress Camilla, but the recording is interrupted as a group of masked men invade the studio.

2022-08-02T02: 15 2022-08-02T02: 40 MDR



by 08/02/2022 around 02:40 watch

Masked hostages take control of the people in the TV studio. Rox was just able to get to safety. She escapes with Edsilia and Zoe, but Zoe falls back. She is captured by one of the masked men and taken to the studio with the other hostages.

Looking for a place to hide finds Rox and Edsilia Kai, who report live from the studio to their followers. The three are hoping to find an exit from the studio, but all doors have been caught. They try in vain to contact journalist Nima. She was supposed to get a cup of coffee for the program’s arrogant editor, but now her access to the studio has been blocked. Not even the young security guard Casper can help her.

Rox wants to send a message to Nima with a drone when one of the hostages suddenly shows up. He grabbed another boy who was in the building. Kai spontaneously steers the drone towards the masked man, who falls to the ground in a faint. The boy, Lenny, is free, but the drone is rattling.

2022-08-02T02: 40 2022-08-02T03: 05 MDR


(Not a good idea

by 08/02/2022 around 03:05 watch

Rox, Kai, Edsilia and Lenny are stuck in the studio building. They get the still unconscious kidnapper with the vulture mask into the kitchen, Edsilia has to guard him. When the man wakes up, he has no idea that the shy Edsilia is particularly good at defending herself if necessary.

Meanwhile, hostages are asking dictator Isimo not to run in the upcoming election. If their requirements are not met, a bomb will explode on the study site. Journalist Nima is still holding out in front of the study area. When an experienced colleague shows up with a film crew, Nima’s ambition is aroused. She takes the opportunity to get through the gate.

The hostages cut off the electronic connection to the outside world with a lament, but Rox manages to turn off this transmitter. But instead of contacting the police as planned, Kai takes the opportunity to give his followers a live update. He does not think that is how he attracts the attention of the hostages.

2022-08-02T03: 05 2022-08-02T03: 30 MDR

More repetitions over the next few days

Channel transmission time Follow

08/02/2022 03:30

team work 2022-08-02T03: 30 2022-08-02T03: 55 MDR Thanks to Kai’s live report, Condor, the leader of the hostages, has become aware of Kai and Rox. Like Isimo on the outside of the studio …

08/03/2022 02:55

The truth 2022-08-03T02: 55 2022-08-03T03: 20 MDR The four young people are hiding in the offices of “The Face”, from where Rox will call once again online for help. Meanwhile, Kais …

08/03/2022 03:20

A trap 2022-08-03T03: 20 2022-08-03T03: 45 MDR Kai still holds the scissors on Edsilia’s cheek when Condor, the leader of the hostages, asks the young people to get up. Out of…

08/04/2022 02:50

The bomb 2022-08-04T02: 50 2022-08-04T03: 15 MDR Rox is taken to the studio auditorium along with the other hostages. The nerves are up there, especially since Isimo’s ultimatum to …

08/04/2022 03:15

In freedom? 2022-08-04T03: 15 2022-08-04T03: 40 MDR When Lenny and Edsilia trigger a fire alarm, Rox seizes the opportunity to remotely detonate the bomb. But…

Despite all the care, it may happen that we have overlooked a transmission date, or that an error has crept in.

The Face – The Ugly Kids Club – How It All Began Preview / Spoilers

What’s Next for The Face – The Ugly Kids Club – How It All Began? You can read about it here in our preview. But be warned: spoiler alert. If we know the information about the next episodes of The Face – The Ugly Kids Club – How It All Began, then you can see it at the top of the schedule. Providers like RTL + and Joyn offer episodes for some series and shows in their own live TV apps a few days before the TV show. In that case, you can watch them exclusively online in advance.

How to Watch The Face – The Ugly Kids Club – How it all started in the livestream

The easiest way to receive it is through TV streaming services. So you get not only “The Face – The Ugly Kids Club – How it all started”, but the complete livestream from MDR with all programs – and legally.


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