Forget Shell for the Dividend: These Top Shares Just Offer ‘More’

that shall-buy shares (NYSE: SBN) for the dividend? To me, this is not a good investment case. With a current yield of around 4%, there is relatively little. In addition, the story with a cut in 2020 is quite weak. If anything, valuation in the oil market should be the investment thesis.

But let’s stick to the topic of dividends. The upper stocks of Munich Re (WKN: 843002) and off store capital (NASDAQ: AAPL) now offers more. Let’s look at the details. Whereby more, yes, in case of doubt just means more.

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Forget Shell shares for Munich Re!

A first reason why Munich Re shares may be a better alternative than Shell shares has to do with the dividend yield. With a share price of EUR 220, the dividend yield is now around 5%. It’s just more. But long-term oriented attractive when we look at other measurements and the context of the yield.

Munich Re shares now have an uncut dividend since 1969. This means that it has had stable payouts for 53 years. A payout percentage of just over 50% is also relatively moderate. The management of the Shell stock would like to spend less on the dividend.

Nevertheless, Munich Res’ business model has historically been so stable that it has been able to pay a dividend that has not been reduced at least since the year before. A price-to-earnings ratio of around 11 and a fair price-to-book ratio seem relatively inexpensive. More is more, Munich Re can deliver. And even expect moderate growth in the coming years.

Store capital: Much more dividends!

Store Capital has much more to offer as a potential Shell alternative. Above all, more dividends. Based on current share prices, the dividend yield alone is around 6%. A favorable evaluation measure, which is also rounded off with other key figures. A price-to-FFO ratio below 12 shows that solid earnings dividends may be possible. Yes, even those above the inflation mark.

In my opinion, Store Capital has a more stable business model than Shell shares. It is about buying and renting real estate and enjoying the rental income over years and decades. Any economic crisis must show that the portfolio is defensive. After all, Warren Buffett is betting on this stock, which shows that there may be something definite in terms of quality.

Store Capital itself also expects moderate growth. Acquisitions and operational, organic growth are the driving force behind the stock. For me, this is now a more attractive alternative to Shell shares. Both in terms of dividends, but also operationally.

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Vincent owns shares in Munich Re, Shell and Store Capital. The Motley Fool owns shares in and recommends Store Capital.

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