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Although the name does not give it away, the Onyx Boox Leaf is located between the Boox Poke3 (6 inches) and the Boox Nova Air (7.8 inches).

Like the other two e-book readers, it is a technically very well-equipped device that caters to e-ink fans with high demands. In other words: Do you know the two mentioned models, then there are few surprises.

Solid screen configuration

For the screen, Onyx also uses the well-known high-contrast E-Ink Carta technology for Boox Leaf. As already mentioned, the screen diagonal measures 7 inches. With a resolution of 1680 × 1264 pixels, the result is a sharp pixel density of 300 ppi – so-called “retina resolution”.

As with the Boox Poke3, it is operated via a capacitive touch screen. Unlike the Boox Nova Air, the Boox Leaf does not have an inductive, Wacom-compatible touch screen.

With the help of the built-in lighting, the e-reader can be used without any problems at any time of the day or night. A color temperature adjustment is also available.

Android with sufficient computing power

The main selling point of Onyx Boox Leaf is the open Android operating system. This is available in version 10 and thus enables installation of the vast majority of modern Android applications.

To ensure that these run fast enough, Boox Leaf uses an octa-core processor and 2 GB of RAM. Of course, as usual, the e-ink screen is the biggest limitation, as only a few apps are adapted to this screen technology. In practical terms, this means that (fast) animations can only be played correctly by changing the display mode, but this is at the expense of screen quality and battery life.

As a bonus compared to the Boox Poke3, the Boox Leaf has a built-in speaker. So you do not have to rely on audio output via compatible Bluetooth hardware. Boox Leaf also supports Bluetooth. WiFi is also included in the functionality.

The 2,000 mAh battery is a bit stronger than in most other non-Android 7-inch devices from the competition and should therefore offer sufficiently good driving times. Relatively speaking, the plus in battery capacity is manageable at around 20 percent (PocketBook Era: 1,700 mAh), so you should not expect miracles due to the Android substructure. The battery is charged via a USB-C charging socket.

Very slim and light house

Case with scroll buttons

The weight is surprisingly low at 170 g. This makes the Onyx Boox Leaf one of the lightest devices in the 7-inch segment despite speakers and slightly larger battery. The e-book reader is also one of the thinnest devices on the market when it comes to the thickness of the housing of less than 6 millimeters. These two functions have a positive effect on the overall handling.

A case is also available as a suitable supplement, which with only 100 grams does not add too much to the total weight. This is worth mentioning because it has two scroll buttons. The hardware buttons directly on the device were saved for space, weight and cost reasons and moved to the case.

With the cover, however, a hefty 310 euros usually have to be paid. With a sleeve, it still costs almost 290 euros under the yoke. Most of the other 7 inches are significantly lower in a price range of 170 to 230 euros. Only Kindle Oasis, with a free 4G mobile connection for buying e-books, is in similar spheres at around 320 euros. So despite the good equipment, the Onyx Boox Leaf should be carefully considered.


Specifications: Onyx Boox Leaf
General Manufacturer onyx
launch 2021
available colors White silver
waterproof none
size Dimensions 165.6 x 130.8 x 5.95 mm
weight 170 g
the screen display technology E ink card
screen size 7 inches
Screen resolution 1680×1264 pixels
pixel density 300 ppi
color depth 16 shades of gray
touch screen yes, capacitive
Built-in lighting Yes
blue light reduction Yes
Fly in front Yes
links USB yes, USB-C
Bluetooth Yes
Wireless internet access Yes
GSM / UMTS none
Storage Internal memory 32 GB
memory card expansion none
functions operating system Android 10
speaker Yes
Text to speech Yes
scroll buttons none
Supported file formats Document formats: PDF (reflowable), PPT, EPUB, TXT, DJVU, HTML, RTF, FB2, DOC, MOBI, CHM … Image formats: PNG, JPG, TIFF, BMP Audio formats: WAV, MP3
Supported DRM file formats unknown
Various Battery life / battery capacity 2000 mAh
position sensor Yes
Integrated e-book store none
Various Octa Core CPU, 2 GB RAM; Microphone;

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