Three tips for starting the holiday: Time out for families with children in need of care

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Good planning is essential

Three tips for starting the holiday: Time out for families with children in need of care

With a few exceptions, almost all children and young people in care in Germany need care at home. Although their families are happy to provide this remarkable service, care work often represents a major stress factor. Unfortunately, planning relaxing vacations presents additional challenges. Now the summer holidays are just around the corner: With good preparations, the holidays can still be a success.

Almost all children and young people in need of care are cared for at home. Although their families usually perform this remarkable service as a matter of course, caring for them erodes their strength. Relaxing family vacations can help, but planning them presents some unique challenges. Families should consider three things when planning a vacation to ensure that the vacation is a relaxing experience for all family members.

The right home

Find out in advance if the necessary equipment for the care of your child is available. Exactly what it is, of course, depends on the individual needs of the child. It could be, for example, a refrigerator in which medicines such as insulin can be stored, but also availability or a specific food supply. To be able to inform yourself in detail and in peace, the motto is: plan early!

The best leisure offers

In addition to the requirements that directly affect the home, it must of course also be ensured that there is a lot for everyone to discover in the immediate vicinity. There should be opportunities for excursions and activities that can also be taken with the child’s respective special characteristics. Nevertheless, of course, all family members should have fun and relax, so make sure that there are appropriate offers on site for parents and siblings as well. A beautiful landscape is at least a good prerequisite for relaxation.

The right supply

Of course, the central role of on-site medical care should not be neglected during planning. Before you finally decide on a destination, you should inquire about the doctors in the area. In the case of diseases that require special pediatric treatment, it is incredibly important to find out in advance whether this is based on the holiday destination. In case of emergency, it is also reassuring if there is a suitable clinic nearby. The availability of necessary aids, such as batteries for wheelchairs or any catheter and oxygen supply, must also be ensured before departure.

More information

In the care search on the care service portal you will find hotels and travel agencies that specialize in guests in need of care. For more information and individual tips on the topic of holidays with children and young people in need of care, we recommend that you contact a care counselor. Statutory and private insured can get information by calling the toll-free number 0800-1018800.


compass private pflegeberatung GmbH advises those in need of care and their relatives by telephone, video calls and, if desired, also at home in accordance with the legal right of all insured persons to free and neutral care counseling (§ 7a SGB XI and § 37 section 3 SGB XI). Telephone counseling is available to all insured persons, outreach counseling and counseling via video calls is reserved for privately insured persons.

As an independent subsidiary of the private health insurance association, Compass operates nationwide with around 600 care advisers. The Compass Care Advisors advise on all issues related to care during telephone campaigns and during normal business hours.

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