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Kalletal’s suspected killer is still on the run. Now more horrific details come to light: The man is said to have raped his ex-girlfriend immediately after the crime.


In the case of a 39-year-old man who was killed with an ax in Kalletal in the Lippe neighborhood, the suspect must have raped his ex-girlfriend immediately after the crime. As senior prosecutor Christopher Imig confirmed to the German press agency, the 24-year-old issued a similar statement to investigators.

Initially, there is no reason to doubt the information the woman has provided, Imig says. The results of further studies are still awaited. Several media outlets have previously reported.

The suspect (36) is said to have killed the 39-year-old with an ax of jealousy on Saturday night. As the state’s attorney confirmed Thursday, the victim had an affair with the alleged perpetrator’s ex-girlfriend. The two were therefore in bed when the 36-year-old killed the 39-year-old.

After the ax blows, the 36-year-old must have dragged his ex-girlfriend into the bathroom and raped him there. He then forced her and her two young children into a car and hurried away, according to investigators. On the way, he was stopped by police and fled.

International arrest warrant

Police are still searching for the man from Azerbaijan. There is now an international arrest warrant. On Thursday afternoon, investigators want to hand out leaflets in German, Czech, Polish and Russian along the A2 at rest areas. According to a spokesman, Eastern European long-distance drivers in particular should be addressed. Police suspect the refugee is trying to contact them to continue his escape.

The planes state that the 36-year-old is strongly suspected of having committed “a murder in Kalletal in Lippe”. Addressed to long-distance drivers, the poster continues: “Do not talk to the suspect when you meet him! Report to the police immediately!” (dpa)

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