Palmer STUDIMON 5 review: Compact power center ⋆

Palmer STUDIMON 5 review
Compact speaker for the studio

In the Palmer STUDIMON 5 test: compact power pack with a smart design and convincing sound.

What is it?

Of Palmer STUDIMON 5 is an active studio monitor for the near field with a 5 “base unit and a 0.75” soft dome tweeter. With its compact design and a weight of just under four kilos, it must fit into any study environment.

The watch case is made of birch plywood and MDF. The power of the active speaker is 30 watts each for the tweeter and subwoofer. It is powered by two class AB power amplifiers.

According to the manufacturer, playback varies from 50 Hz to 20 kHz. The Silke dome tweeter is designed to provide particularly detailed highs.

The back of the Palmer STUDIMON 5 is equipped with balanced XLR and 1/4 “stereo jack inputs.

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Palmer STUDIMON 5 functions

  • 5 “subwoofer and 0.75” soft dome tweeter
  • Two sides of birch plywood
  • S / N ratio 85dB
  • 60W RMS bi-amplified power amplifier
  • Balanced XLR and 1/4 “stereo jack input

Palmer STUDIMON 5 review


The design is successful. While some readers may not like the orange ring around the base unit, this speaker looks great in any studio. The front is black and the sides come in a dark wood look.

The outside is made of birch plywood and gives Palmer STUDIMON 5 an elegant look that also looks good in the living room.

As soon as the speaker is switched on, a relatively large LED lights up yellow / orange on the front. This shines relatively brightly, which may not be desirable in dark environments.

Palmer Studimon 5 Test Review

Chic design in the Palmer STUDIMON 5 test, which also looks good in the living room.

Treatment of Palmer STUDIMON 5

With its small dimensions (its longest sides are still smaller than an A4 sheet), this model also easily finds space on your desk or study desk.

Its low weight of almost 4 kg provides extra flexibility if you want to use it on the go.

Palmer Studimon 5 Test Review

All connections and switches are on the back

Connections and rear panel

The connections are on the back of STUDIMON 5. An XLR and a stereo jack input with 6.35 mm are available. Both are designed symmetrically.

Also on the back you will find a power switch and under it the connection to the power plug. With a volume control, you can manually adjust the level of the study monitors. If you turn it all the way to the left, the speakers are turned off.

Bass reflex system

At the back you will find an opening in the upper area. This is due to the bass reflex design, which aims to improve bass reproduction despite its compact dimensions. If I may say so in advance: it succeeded.

Even at high volume, unwanted background noise can not be heard here as they come from some other models.

Palmer Studimon 5 test

The gates on the back of Palmer Studimon 5.

Sound in the Palmer STUDIMON 5 test

What interests me most, of course, is the sound of these models. And he surprised me in a positive way. The small studio monitors deliver a sound that can keep up with more expensive models. Of course, you should not expect miracles, especially when it comes to bass reproduction.

bass response

With a 5-inch base unit, 30 Hz can no longer (sensibly) be reproduced due to the design. Nevertheless, this model goes down quite a bit. 50 Hz can still be heard clearly, probably thanks to the bass reflex port.

The bass reproduction is then significantly quieter between about 60 and 80 Hz, then screwing up again from 90 Hz.

All in all, the bass reproduction is significantly warmer and rounder than I would have expected from a speaker of this size.

image series


The high frequencies are reproduced sharply and ensure sufficient detail in production. With one song or another, they tend to get a little too crisp. You can use this as an excellent indicator if you should overdo it with the equalizer.

stereo width

The reproduction width fits perfectly with a model in this price category. The room shown is large and has enough space for all the basins and hi-hat.

Most instruments can be separated relatively well, the center is well represented and the voice can always be placed well.

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depth exam

Despite its small size, this model is suitable for producing and recording in home studio, I am still pleasantly surprised. The soundscape is sufficient in depth and the transient fidelity is what I would expect from this model, maybe even a little better.

Due to the very pleasant tonal mood, the singing and rap voices move a little further away from the listener. It’s not that bad as long as you know this feature of Palmer STUDIMON 5 and take it into consideration when mixing.

Conclusion on the Palmer STUDIMON 5 test

The studio monitors tested here are a compact powerhouse. They score with a pleasant sound and can open up a sound scene that is ideal for producing and recording in the home studio or living room.

The bass reproduction in the Palmer STUDIMON 5 is deeper than one would expect from a model of this size. This also contributes to a very pleasant sound. In terms of equipment, this model offers the necessary, but no more. For the offer price it is not necessary.

If there is any hair in the soup at all, then for some it may be the rather bright LED on the front, which of course is noticeable in dark environments.

Overall, I get a very good rating in the Palmer STUDIMON 5 test. Well done.

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