Innovation starts with creative design in the cloud

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Innovation starts with creative design in the cloud

A guest post by Jeroen Buring

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Product development cycles are getting shorter and shorter, products more and more complex. This makes practical and versatile construction solutions indispensable. The 3D Experience Works portfolio of cloud-based and mobile applications helps to solve tasks better, increase productivity and accelerate innovation.

The collaborative product development platform 3D Experience Works brings together all departments in a company – from design to manufacturing to marketing and service.

(Image: Dassault Systèmes)

In 2019, Dassault Systèmes introduced 3D Experience Works – a portfolio of cloud solutions (we reported). It offers practical tools for 3D modeling, simulation, data management and manufacturing in a central and connected interface on the 3D Experience platform in the cloud. This offer is primarily aimed at medium-sized companies and their ecosystems.

Benefits of 3D Experience Works:

  • All applications enable secure real-time data exchange and cross-collaboration, where changes and modifications are traceable and transparent. This promotes agility even with complex customer requirements.
  • Under the motto “four eyes see more than two” mistakes in collaboration are avoided and quality is improved.
  • The interdisciplinary exchange also promotes new ideas and thus enables innovations. In practice, the 3D Experience Works portfolio connects an entire company’s ecosystem – from engineering and logistics to sales and service. It promotes a new way of thinking and working by connecting people, applications and data from all areas of the business.

Construction manager forum

Rethink product development

The key to a company’s success lies in design and development. This is where innovative products are created that ensure competitiveness. But do you know the challenges of product development in the 21st century?

The Design Manager Forum aims to raise awareness of design and development managers to obstacles and to show tools and methods to develop innovative ideas in a structured way and to make the product development process as sleek and efficient as possible.

The cloud as an innovation driver

The cloud does not just replace traditional systems installed on a business premises. Rather, with their investments in the cloud, companies benefit from the ability to simply and easily scale the number of users and available roles as needs change, without having to plan additional hardware and software costs. This serves for better control and capital expenditures can be reduced.

Onshape is a product development platform, delivered as Software as a Service, which combines CAD with data management and collaboration tools.

The cloud opens up many other benefits for innovators: High agility, improved data integrity, more security, and interaction between project staff regardless of their location.

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What areas and roles does 3D Experience Works currently include?

The 3D Experience Works portfolio is divided into different functional areas: solutions from other brands from Dassault Systèmes, the desktop products from Solidworks and various roles. Depending on the user’s task (eg designer / engineer, quality manager, production or management level), specific applications are included that match the user’s respective functional area. Areas and roles at a glance:

  • Construction / engineering – Mechanical, ergonomic or complex designs can be quickly and easily created and shared in the cloud, allowing key stakeholders to provide feedback throughout the product development process.
    Roles with this focus: 3D Experience Solidworks, 3D Creator, 3D Experience Draft-Sight, 3D Sculptor, Project Planner
  • Governance / Data Management – Collect and organize product and business data in meaningful reports to improve collaboration across teams, drive innovation and streamline product development. All this in a fully connected cloud environment.
    Roles with this focus: Collaborative Industry Innovator, Collaborative Business Innovator, Social Business Analyst, Project Planner
  • simulation Rapid validation and knowledge acquisition about product performance, reliability and safety in the development process in order to be able to make well-founded product decisions faster at any time.
    Roles with this focus: 3D Experience Solidworks, Structural Designer, Collaborative Business Innovator, Collaborative Industry Innovator
  • Manufacturing / Production – Optimization of communication between departments to identify and reduce production errors at all stages – from ERP to the store floor – and accelerate production release.
    Roles with this focus: Collaborative Industry Innovator, Collaborative Business Innovator, Social Business Analyst, Project Planner
  • Marketing & Distribution – Share product development information with real-time sales and marketing teams. This makes it possible to plan appropriate actions at an early stage, as well as the creation of high-quality graphic assets and interactive 3D content.
    Roles with this focus: 3D Render, Product Communicator

Focus for Solidworks 2022: user-centric improvements to accelerated product development that have been in demand by users and are also the result of more than 100 projects such as the development of the submersible Nemo.

Practical example: Why Smartflyer relies on 3D Experience Works for its electric aircraft

3D Experience World 2022 took place under the motto “Imagine all we can achieve together”. Participants were able to learn directly from users how to create customer-centric experiences using the 3D Experience Works portfolio. Or to put it another way: How do the first ideas turn into real innovations for customers?

One of these users is Smartflyer: The company is developing an electric aircraft that will be able to transport four passengers over distances of more than 800 kilometers. CEO Rolf Stuber and designer Daniel Drozdz presented how network product development became possible with 3D Experience Works, and how the design team in the Czech Republic and the production company in Central Switzerland work together.

Our designers must be able to concentrate on their main tasks, namely the construction of this rather complex aircraft.

Rolf Stuber, CEO Smartflyer

Stuber stressed the importance of 3D Experience Works, which has helped improve Smartflyer’s design processes: “The Smartflyer team is relatively small. Our designers must be able to concentrate on their main tasks, namely the construction of this rather complex aircraft. With 3D Experience Works in the cloud, we do not need our own IT team to take care of updates. We do not need to duplicate or back up our data. We also do not have to worry about data security. Our team can concentrate fully on its main task. This solution gives us the flexibility we need to develop our aircraft. “

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With collaboration and creativity towards silo thinking

Many impulses for new features came directly from the 3D experience community. Creators in particular, that is, ambitious hobby designers, and professional designers benefit from this. These include 3D Whiteboard and 3D Experience Solidworks for Makers, which are now also equipped with NC Shopfloor, Home By Me and 3D By Me.

The new features expand the portfolio of 3D Experience Works and complement the tools that users can design and construct innovative projects with. The interplay between collaboration and creativity breaks down functional silos and enables a connection between design, construction, simulation, production and interaction. In this way, the portfolio of 3D Experience Works makes full use of the creative teams’ expertise and potential.

Technology for life in the car - this is what the start-up Camptools is developing.

Commercially used drones and light aircraft present major development challenges.  The engineering manufacturer Striek Air from Gütersloh is very familiar with the properties of the fiber composite materials that are often used for this purpose.

* Jeroen Buring, Director Eurocentral – Customer Role Experience & Customer Value Engagement (3D Experience Works – Solidworks) at Dassault Systèmes

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