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You can use our GeVestor formula calculator to calculate, for example, the return on equity or the exchange rate-earnings ratio quickly, easily and with an overview.

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Return on equity (ROE)

The return on equity shows what percentage of the generated profit can be attributed to the invested equity. The following applies: the higher the better.

price-earnings ratio (P / E)

P / E shows how much the share price exceeds the expected earnings on a share. However, this ratio only has a high significance in combination with other ratios.

dividend percentage

High returns can be achieved with dividends alone. Basically, the higher the yield, the better.

equity ratio

The equity ratio is one of the most important equity ratios to control the security and financial strength of an equity investment.

General return

The general yield formula can probably be described as the mother of all yield formulas. A simple formula with great significance.

Price for sales ratio (P / S)

With KUV, you can compare growth companies and find the valuable future investment.

Return on investment (ROI)

ROI is used to find out how effective an investment has been or can be in terms of percentage profit.

Dynamic gearing

In economics, the dynamic debt ratio is the time it takes for a business to repay its debt.

Price-earnings growth ratio (PEG)

With Price-Earning-Growth-Ratio, you will find stocks and values ​​that will also have a safety cushion in the coming years.

1st degree liquidity

First-degree liquidity is the liquidity that is most readily available.

Stock formulas and bond formulas

  • Dilution effect: Use this formula to calculate the fall in the share price after a capital increase.
  • Benchmark: Find stocks that have safety cushions in the coming years.
  • Subscription ratio: The ratio by which you receive new shares in relation to your old shares.
  • Return: The return on securities and bonds can be easily calculated using two formulas – different factors are taken into account. Read more about the importance of key returns for you as an investor if you want to achieve a high return on investment here. more
  • Profit from bonds: Bonds are very popular with investors, especially when interest rates are low. Learn how to correctly calculate bond earnings here. more
  • Effective bond yield: High coupon payments are nice – but the really important factor with bonds is the effective yield. more

Company internal key figures

  • Trading margin: Trading margin is an important metric for retail companies to measure the profitability of the company and individual products. more
  • Trading surcharge: The trading surcharge is used to determine the selling price if the purchase price is known. more
  • Key figures for success: In order to be able to interpret the annual report correctly, you need to know which key figures are important. more
  • Determining the break-even point: the break-even point indicates how high the sales volume must be to reach break-even. more
  • Static leverage: Static leverage is an important measure in business analysis. more
  • The statements of the sales return for the company valuation: Is the company competitive? Are prices and cost structure correct? In the right context, sales returns allow for different statements. more

Interest and present value calculation

  • Calculate the present value of a bond: The present value is the value that future payments have in the present. Use this formula to determine the reasonable price of a bond. more
  • Calculate interest rate: Interest rate increases assets and liabilities exponentially, as the increase per. interest rate period increases. more
  • Calculate Annuities: With a loan, it is very useful to calculate the annuity in advance using this formula. more
  • Discount factor formula: The calculation of the discount factor is used to check the profitability of an investment. more

More calculators and measurements

  • Loan Comparison Calculator: When looking for the cheapest loan, you will come across various offers. The loan comparison calculator shows the best choice. more
  • Profitability: Profitability is not the same as profitability: however, the definitions are as simple as they are meaningful. more
  • Calculating the return on equity: Calculating the return on equity means recognizing whether the investment in a financial asset or a company is worthwhile. In addition, the key figure provides an inventory of how the interest income on the employed capital will be in an accounting period. more more more
  • Solvency: How is the solvency calculated? more
  • Leverage effect of external capital (leverage effect): The calculation of leverage of external capital and the recommendations for action that can be deduced from it are important tools in business decision making. more more more
  • Return on investment: The example shows that the key figure is not only a final assessment, but also a look into the future. more

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