Drug attack in Essen: The youth office takes children into care

After being used for drug smuggling in Altenessen, city employees checked the property on Eickwinkelstrasse – under police protection.

The complaints in a municipal crisis center on Eickwinkelstrasse in Essen-Altenessen, which became known during the drug raid a week ago, were apparently so serious that the city’s youth office took two children from the family who live there in the evening on a large-scale operation. A third offspring was taken care of some time ago because the authorities also considered the child’s well – being to be acutely threatened.

Two of the six dogs found in the littered place found shelter at the animal shelter. The rest could stay with their owner. A larva was also found, but there was no evidence of illegal trade in animals. It told Silke Lenz when asked. The municipality’s rapporteur will at the same time counteract the impression that the city has left the people in the municipal facility to themselves.

The city of Essen claims to have had its own insight into the situation

In the run-up, one had one’s own insight into the conditions there and the relevant information was passed on to the police. The exchange and cooperation between several authorities eventually led to the large-scale raid on suspicion of large-scale commercial and gang drug trafficking. According to Lenz, the fact that employees from various municipal offices were also involved shows that they acted on an equal footing.

Already 20 years ago, the clan, known to the police, was housed in the emergency residence on Eickwinkelstraße against the resistance of the residents due to lack of alternatives in other parts of the city. In this as in other cases, the city is also obliged to provide accommodation to ward off impending homelessness. Dealing with the family has been “very, very difficult for years”. Officials who want to check the address are not exactly welcome.

No flaws that make life impossible

Which is apparently one of the reasons why employees in the city’s real estate industry have only inspected the house under police protection. According to their assessment, there are no structural defects that make it impossible to live there. But there is certainly a lot to improve. As Silke Lenz says, tenants are encouraged if the user fee for the home is paid by the social administration, among other things to clean the abandoned property areas, remove scrap and vehicle wrecks and for fire safety reasons remove countless connected several sockets.

The veterinary office will also keep an eye on the welfare of the remaining chickens and goats on site. If the family does not meet the requirements, the city has the necessary work done and charges the occupants of the dwelling for the cost. However, it is doubtful whether it can actually be decided in the end. As for conceivable assets or cash amounts, one has to wait and see what the police evaluation reveals, Lenz said.

Illegal trade in a colorful variety of drugs

The huge raid by the authorities in Essen against suspected drug criminals with over 400 officers, special units and armored equipment a week ago, with a single blow, cleared the prospect of the intolerable conditions in the municipal property on Eickwinkelstrasse.

After the public prosecutor’s office executed arrest warrants and a judge sent four German suspects aged 31, 35, 40 and 44 behind bars accused of gang and commercial drug trafficking, there is a serious allegation: The city surrounded by SEK forces The building on Eickwinkelstraße is said to be transformed into a drug kiosk, in the vicinity of which illegal business with a colorful selection of narcotics of any kind is said to have flourished for a long time.

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