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If you want to apply for or update a passport, you need to be prepared for longer waiting times. How long is the passport valid and what does it cost.

Because holidays abroad are now possible again and children’s passports need to be updated every year, a lot is currently happening at the registration offices of Bavarian citizens and residents. More passports are also being applied for than usual in the region.

“We are currently observing a drive with children’s passports,” said Ralf Reichhart of the Westendorf Civil Service Office (East Allgaeu). There are basically two reasons for this: On the one hand, it is remarkable that travel abroad is now possible again, and people want to go on holiday. On the other hand, child passports applied for since 1 January 2021 are only valid for one year. Therefore, a regular renewal is necessary. “We write to the citizens when a document expires. This also applies to passports for adults, ”says Reichhart.

Keep validity in mind

This service is not available everywhere. As a rule, the people of the Allgäu must keep an eye on how long their papers are valid. Childcare is available for children up to 12 years. In most cases, they are issued directly on site using a special printer. “The child must be there, even if it is an infant,” says Katja Klemig, head of department at the resident register in Kempten. If both parents have the right to apply, it is enough if one comes to the office. However, the other person must have a power of attorney. In Kempten it is necessary to book an appointment. “The waiting times right now are two to three weeks,” says Klemig. In acute cases, an earlier time can be agreed.

No prior agreement is required in Lindenberg. But the crowds here are bigger than usual. “Anyone who wants to leave in the summer should make sure to issue the documents well in advance,” said Jasmin Reichart of the local land registry office. And she warns: “A child passport is not enough for all countries.” The city of Memmingen advises holidaymakers to find out about the rules in the destination countries on the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ website. “Moreover, the requirements of individual airlines sometimes differ from the rules of the state,” says the city administration.

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Update children’s passports well in advance

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“It is also possible to issue a regular passport for children,” says Ralf Reichhart. And: Child Passports issued before 2021 remain valid. However: If they are updated before the deadline, the validity is reduced to one year. Nevertheless, you should not wait until the last minute and the image should be renewed regularly. According to the service portal of the Free State of Bavaria, an ID document loses its validity “if it does not allow for a correct identity determination”.

However, childcare is not only busy. The adult edition is also popular. It is produced in the Bundesdruckerei in Berlin, which is currently working at full capacity. “Instead of three to four weeks, the waiting time at the passport is currently almost six weeks,” says Jasmin Reichart. The more expensive express passes are usually available after three business days. ‘But even that may take longer at the moment. We do not have that in our hands. “

cost and validity

  • Child passes (for children up to 12 years) are valid for one year. A new issue costs 13 euros, an extension six euros.
  • Passports for people under the age of 24 are valid for six years and cost 37.50 euros.
  • Passports for people over the age of 24 are valid for ten years and cost 60 euros.
  • Express passports are ordinary passports, but it usually only takes three working days to issue. A surcharge of 32 euros will be charged for this.

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