These travel insurance companies treat their customers most fairly

22-06-2022 – In two surveys (travel sickness and travel cancellation), Servicevalue and the editors of the magazine Focus Money wanted to know from customers which companies they rated as the fairest. ADAC, Allianz, Ergo, Hansemerkur and LVM each scored “very well” twice. One of the best providers includes BD24, Envivas, Huk-Coburg and Vigo (travelers) and MDT (travel cancellation) respectively.

Servicevalue GmbH and the editors of Focus Money magazine examined the reasonableness of 20 travel cancellations and 33 travel health insurance companies. According to the information, the biggest players in their guild were taken into account.

The surveys are based on 1,873 (travel cancellations) and 2,942 (travel sickness) customer reviews. These were collected as part of online surveys between April and May. Up to two providers could be evaluated, of which the respondents had been a customer for the past 12 months.

Method details – about two dozen performance characteristics

In order to make the subjective construction “fairness” measurable and thus controllable, the perceived fairness to the insurance companies was parameterized in the surveys according to the information from the following five sub-dimensions with a total of 23 performance characteristics:

  • fair product range (flexibility of products, sense of security, understandable conditions, transparency in the exclusions of benefits, quality of insurance benefits),
  • Fair treatment of services (uncomplicated and clear treatment of services, compliance with service obligations, speed of response, quality of processing of requests, handling of complaints / complaints, quick repayment of services)
  • Fair customer advice (kindness, employee competence and initiative, the quality of the advice),
  • fair customer communication (employee availability, binding nature of declarations, comprehensibility of contract documents, transparency of obligations in the event of a claim),
  • fair price-performance ratio (price-performance ratio, cost transparency, contribution stability).


Rating scale with four levels

A four-point scale was available to consumers for evaluation. This ranges from “strongly agree” (1), “rather agree” (2), “rather disagree” (3) to “strongly disagree” (4). With regard to the methodology, Servicevalue further stated: “The sub-dimensions result as an unweighted average from the respective evaluation criteria […].

All companies that are above average receive the rating ‘good’. Companies that are again above the average of companies rated as ‘good’ get a ‘very good’. “

Travel sickness: Two providers are “very good” in all areas

The travel health insurances got a “very good” nine times. Ten other product providers are rated as “good”. Customers did not certify reasonableness above the average for the remaining 14 providers. The top group includes, in alphabetical order:

Compared to the previous year (VersicherungsJournal 18 June 2021), BD24 and Vigo are now in the top group. URV – Union Reiseversicherung AG dropped this.

Only ADAC, Allianz, Huk-Coburg and LVM are among the best providers in all five dimensions. Ergo (apart from customer communication) and Envivas and Hansemerkur (each apart from customer advice) got a “very good” four times.

The authors of the study observed “stagnant to negative development compared to the previous year’s survey: The mean values ​​in the categories ‘fair customer service’ and ‘fair price-performance ratio’ have fallen. the previous year.

Travel cancellation: Four times “very good”

As with travel sickness, ADAC, Allianz, Ergo, Hansemerkur and LVM also scored “very well” in travel cancellation insurance. The top sextet is completed by MDT Travel Underwriting GmbH, which was not one of the top providers last year.

New to the top group are Ergo, Hansemerkur, LVM and MDT. On the other hand, Travel Secure (a brand of Würzburger Versicherungs-AG) and URV are only classified as “good”. Three other players did the same. Nine companies are not above average fair from the customer’s point of view.

ADAC, Allianz and LVM received top marks in all five dimensions. Ergo (apart from customer service) and Hansemerkur (apart from price-performance ratios) managed this four times each.

Additional survey details and shopping options

Further details on the survey documentation “Customer Rating: Affordability of Travel Cancellation Insurance Companies 2022” and information on booking with costs can be found in this survey folder in PDF format (564 KB).

Information about the survey “Customer rating: Affordability for travel health insurance 2022” is available under this link (PDF, 519 KB).

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