Sustainable bathroom concept from Denmark wins 6×6 design competition

At Geberit’s 6 × 6 Design Contest «, architectural firms and interior designers from six countries took up the challenge of creating a convincing bathroom concept of just 6 m². The “Serenity” concept from Denmark, designed by the architects Bjerg Arkitektur A / S, was the winner of the competition.

Denmark is known for linear design and a “cozy” atmosphere. The purpose of the Danish bathroom design is therefore also to make it possible for users to have a better quality of life in their everyday life by bringing calm and balance to the daily bathroom ritual. That’s why the designers chose the name “Serenity” for their project – in English “calm” or “serenity”. The focus of the design is on stimulating the senses in a comfortable way and making the use of the bathroom a conscious moment of relaxation.

Danish bathroom concept named winner

“Our bathroom provides a good start and end to the day in a relaxed environment,” says Carsten Wraae Jensen, architect at Bjerg Arkitektur A / S. “The bathroom is a room where you spend a lot of time on a daily basis and one of the few places where you can lock the door and have a quiet time. Therefore, we wanted to create dreamy settings that focus on the feeling and atmosphere of the space. You could say that we have turned the daily bathroom routine into an experience. ”

This idea also convinced the voters for the international design competition, because the Danish bathroom concept could win most of the approximately 40,000 votes cast.

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Defended many senses

After an experience that appeals to the senses – for example, a walk in nature – you feel more relaxed and balanced. Bjerg took advantage of this effect: The concept of the »6 × 6 Design Contest« integrates light effects and special materials of various properties such as wood and exposed concrete – not only the sense of sight is stimulated, but also the sense of touch and the sense of touch. smell. Especially wood, which is used as an integrated design element in the bathroom, is known to have a natural smell and a pleasant feeling.

The design thus offers an experience that appeals to many senses and ensures a good start and end to the day. The uniform surfaces ensure calm and appear timelessly elegant.

Sustainability as DNA

In addition to appealing to the senses, Bjerg Arkitektur A / S has focused on the topic of sustainability in the design of the concept. “We see sustainability as part of our DNA. Therefore, we wanted for our concept products that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also functional and durable. The products from Geberit meet these requirements perfectly: They have a timeless design and are extremely durable through the years, ”says Carsten Wraae Jensen.

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Design with »Geberit ONE«

Furniture and ceramics from the “Geberit ONE” series were used in the “Serenity” concept:

  • The plan-mounted variant of the ONE mirror cabinet is smartly integrated in the front wall and thus utilizes space that would otherwise have been lost.
  • At the sink, the designers chose a table sink with wall brackets. The combination looks very filigree and is extremely easy to clean thanks to the dirt-repellent »KeraTect« special glaze in the ceramic and the wall mounting of the luminaire.
  • The floating Geberit ONE base cabinet offers plenty of storage space and blends harmoniously into the bathroom concept.
  • What looks like a regular toilet on the outside stores many functions inside: the Geberit AquaClean Mera shower toilet enables gentle cleaning of the intimate area with water and also scores with functions such as seat heating and integrated odor extraction.
  • The bathtub, which is located in front of the large window, ensures a perfect wellness experience.

Conclusion: With »Serenity«, the architects from Bjerg Arkitektur A / S demonstrated that a feel-good bathroom can also be implemented on a small floor plan.

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