Otto Group: into the future with new company design

The new company design written by Strichpunkt reflects Otto Group’s values. The new website tells stories that show how these values ​​are lived. Both will accompany the Otto Group on its digital transformation path into the future.

The Otto Group has a vision: Responsible trade that inspires. With innovative strength and a clear stance when it comes to values, the group is committed to its ecological and social responsibility. The group’s goal is to conduct successful (and forward-looking) work – while always keeping a close eye on people and the environment. At the same time, the Otto Group is a fully digital group of companies that stand for transformational power and flexibility. It’s time to anchor this attitude and the sustainable self-image in the brand’s image and carry it out to the outside world with pride and in a modern way. To this end, the family business commissioned its longtime agency partner Strichpunkt to develop a new and comprehensive brand identity.


The result is modern branding that is updated with the media: easy and fast to understand, optimized for all end devices – without getting lost in digital gimmicks that quickly become obsolete. It conveys the company’s values, gets to the heart of the matter and guarantees, thanks to simple rules, maximum flexibility, while at the same time being highly recognizable.

Flexibility up to the brand

Two similar brands form a flexible logo system. In addition to the revised word mark, there is now a so-called super sign: the Otto group’s two letters, “O” and “G”, have been merged into one striking icon. The memorable signet is simple, clear and personal. Developed for display in small sizes, it marks the brand identity as, among other things, a social media icon, a favicon and an app icon. In combination with the word mark, a flexible system is created that meets all media requirements and always remains recognizable.

Lively, clear, progressive and of course digital

The clear, almost minimalist design finds its balance in the visual language. The photograph is deliberately lively and creates substance – authentic people in natural situations as well as light, humorous illustrations. The brand color red remains the core of the company’s design in a slightly lighter, livelier tone. The new Otto Group font has been customized. It appears open and dynamic, can be varied and is extremely easy to read on all end devices and in all media. Optimist, as it is called, was designed by the Swiss type foundry Newglyph. The company donates one-tenth of its profits to charity – a clear commitment to value-based action that the Otto Group supports.

A digital brand today, above all, convinces in the naturalness and clarity of digital touch points. Specifically, this means that the website designed by Strichpunkt appears very accessible and tidy: Lots of white space, clear lines, a simple and intuitive site architecture and user guide.

“The Otto Group stands for values, for innovation and for quality. And that is exactly what should be visible in the design. There are no compromises, “he says Tobias Nusser, creative director and unit manager at Strichpunkt Berlin. “We are very pleased that the Otto Group has decided to take this brave path with us.”

The documentation of the brand’s presence and the associated guidelines is stored in a digital fire portal for optimal brand management. Here the employees can find all the important templates, templates, information and a lot of inspiration and can get to know the website in detail.

Credit: Strichpunkt / Otto Group

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