M2 Optics Inc. launches new 3D printing design and production service

M2 Optics Inc., a maker of custom fiber optic solutions for communications testing and networking applications, announced the launch of a new 3D design and print service company.

These services will help companies solve critical and timely challenges that require customized or non-standard parts that are not readily available in the market.

M2 has built extensive 3D printer experience and skills at its Raleigh, NC facility, which manufactures custom fiber optic solutions for global leaders across multiple sectors. The decision to now expand this service allows the company to support virtually any sector or application need beyond its existing customer base.

M2 has found that engineers and technical teams face significant challenges when a standard part does not fit an application. In addition, many companies do not have employees with the necessary design expertise or the ability to procure custom parts quickly and affordably given the current bottlenecks in the global supply chain. This service will eliminate this problem as M2 can support the whole process or individual phases of a typical 3D printing project – fast part design, prototyping and production.

“Fast 3D-printed design and prototyping enable companies to respond quickly to product development opportunities and capacity gaps in the fast-paced, dynamic business world,” said Charlie Byrd, VP of Sales and Operations at M2. “Fast response times combined with fast, accurate solutions are essential to meet the demands of today’s world. Additive manufacturing technologies enable the production of geometries that are not possible with conventional methods, which opens up unlimited possibilities. With supply chain bottlenecks affecting many companies right now, working with a 3D printing company like M2 provides a competitive advantage by reducing downtime for parts and design processes. “

M2 offers a range of customized services covering the various aspects of 3D printing:

  • Create a new theme from scratch, or use an existing theme
  • Quick creation of prototypes (functional and visual) or start of large series
  • Offers a variety of material types, including PLA, PETG, ABS, PC, Nylon, Flexibles and others
  • Use of multiple printing processes including FDM, SLS and SLA

M2 notes that its extensive expertise in the design and manufacture of bespoke solutions and consulting services for fast 3D printing are important value drivers. Although there are several 3D printing service providers out there, many rely on the customer to provide their CAD / design files as they do not offer design services or outsource them, which adds an extra step, time and cost to the customer. Assisting in all phases of the process therefore results in a better and more efficient experience for the customer.

Although M2 has not yet publicly announced the service, the company reports that it has already completed several 3D printing projects for other companies, from small brackets to a telecommunications network to life-size Star Wars characters for a charity.

Learn more about M2 Optics here.


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