Quiet books – Sewn activity books for children

Many people know them primarily as touch and grip books for babies. But they are also available for older children to keep them busy: Quiet books.

These are playbooks made of fabric that children can play with quietly. Quiet books can sometimes be very complex and train through discovery and experiments also children’s motor and mental skills.

But you rarely buy such more complex Still Books, but sew them yourself. It not only takes a lot of time, but usually also nerves. So it is not uncommon to have to invest more than 100 hours of work and completion usually extends over months, sometimes even years.

Why are you doing this work?

It is mainly mothers and grandmothers who turn to creating a quiet book. One of the reasons why you put up with this effort is definitely that in this way you can create something for your loved ones that not only brings joy but also lasts as the kids get such a homemade playbook when they become older. usually not thrown out at some point, but cherish it even though it has seen better days. Maybe there is something transcendent about it, like planting a tree that stays behind when you are no more.
Apart from this philosophical point of view, however, a quiet book allows children to have an interesting and special activity away from the screens of televisions, computers and tablets.

Tips for sewing a quiet book

Especially if you want to sew such a playbook for the first time, then it makes sense to use instructions!

With complete, high-quality still books, these are usually fee-based, but a small amount saves a lot of time and hassle, which justifies the investment in any case. With the instructions, you not only learn how to set it up correctly, but also have templates, templates, material lists and recommendations for work tools at hand. Anyone who has ever made such a quiet book knows how much time and nerves you can save yourself this way.

In addition, do not work stubbornly according to the sewing instructions, you can just build on them and implement your own ideas. In any case, you already have a good foundation and an idea of ​​how things can best be implemented.

Popular ideas

The most popular motifs for a Still Book are certainly expensive, but depending on what you want to achieve with the activity book, vastly different ideas can be implemented.

Studbooks about superheroes are enjoying increasing popularity. Here it is usually guys who have a clear idea of ​​what to expect in this regard.

Often you will use the Stitch Books sewing to process various fabrics, such as certain baby clothes or the child’s favorite favorite towel, because you can store them that way without them ending up in a box somewhere in the attic or basement. shall.

There are many ideas for Quiet Books, and if you are willing to invest the time, you can create something completely unique for your children.

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