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Creative, fun and anything but annoying: Sun protection with children can be easy and stress-free. New materials from the German cancer aid campaign “Wise in the sun and shade” show how it is done: The brochure “The sun protection case for families” offers ideas for games, crafts and experiments. A short film invites you to have fun guessing. It raises awareness that children’s skin needs special protection from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. In the long run, this prevents the development of skin cancer. The new materials are available at and The campaign is also supported by BAHN-BKK.

Protect children’s skin from intense UV radiation

June 21st begins the summer. The long vacation is approaching, as is the expectation of extensive outdoor play and leisure activities. At the same time, the skin is now increasingly exposed to the sun’s UV rays. “Enjoy the summer with your children, relaxed and without sunburn. The fantastic new sun protection materials will help you,” says Susanne Klehn, Ambassador for Skin Cancer Prevention at the German Cancer Society. She even developed skin cancer at the age of 27 and knows how important sun protection is from an early age.

Virtual “sun protection case” for families

With simple protection measures, the skin can be protected against damage in the long term: seek shade at noon, put on protective clothing and rub sunscreen (sun protection factor at least 30) on uncovered areas of the skin. In order for these rules to become a matter of course in everyday family life in the summer, the brochure “Sun protection for families” provides a wide range of age-appropriate suggestions for everything to do with UV protection. For children under the age of three, for example, “The little song about sun protection” can help make daily sunscreen a beautiful ritual. With shadow play and a watercress experiment, even the youngest get an impression of the difference between light and shadow, and how the sun’s rays work. For older children, there are also numerous experiments, puzzles, a memory game for sunscreen and instructions for solyoga. “A short film also offers very special guessing fun,” says Dr. Friederike Stölzel, from the Prevention Center of the National Center for Tumor Diseases Dresden / University Cancer Center Dresden (NCT / UCC). “Kids describe terms for sun protection in it – based on the popular ‘Dingsda’ model. Viewers have to guess them.”

These materials were developed by NCT ​​/ UCC Dresden, supported by the German Cancer Aid and BAHN-BKK. “Prevention is an issue that is close to our hearts, and we are convinced that it is never too early to start,” said Hanka Knoche, BAHN-BKK’s board member. “The didactically prepared material gives parents and children a playful approach to the subject of sun protection and also provides a lot of background knowledge – a practical approach that hopefully reaches many families.” Since 2018, BAHN-BKK has been a partner in the campaign “Wise in sun and shadow”.

UV damage in childhood increases the risk of skin cancer

UV radiation is the biggest risk factor for developing skin cancer. Experts consider UV exposure and sunburn in childhood to be particularly dangerous. “The skin stem cells in children are much closer to the surface of the skin than in adults. If the genome of these stem cells is damaged by UV rays, the risk of later developing skin cancer increases,” explains Professor Dr. Eckhard Breitbart, Chair of the Working Group on Dermatological Prevention (ADP). “Around 303,000 people are currently diagnosed with skin cancer in Germany every year – and the trend is increasing,” says Gerd Nettekoven, chairman of the board of German Cancer Aid. 40,000 of the new diagnoses alone relate to malignant melanoma, black skin cancer. This forms secondary tumors very quickly and is therefore more difficult to cure. “Sun protection should therefore be as natural for children as brushing teeth every day.”

Topic UV radiation and skin cancer:

The collaborative project “Wise in sun and shadow”

In addition to the focus on families, the German Cancer Aid’s skin cancer prevention program is primarily aimed at day care institutions, primary schools and since 2022 also at schools for young people with a focus on sports. In recent years, around 6,500 project packages have been sent to day care centers and primary schools across Germany, and more than 350 facilities have been recognized as “wise in sun and shade” for their commitment to sun protection. Partners in the program are Working Group Dermatological Prevention eV, Hamburg, the project “The Sun and We” from the University of Cologne – Cologne University Hospital and Prevention Center NCT / UCT, Dresden.

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