A simple design decision is already well received by many fans

It’s taken a while, but Bethesda finally came out with real Starfield gameplay and solid information recently. And that, of course, creates a lot of discussion as fans of the studio behind Fallout and The Elder Scrolls take a closer look at some aspect.

For example, what details can already be identified in Starfield’s weapons – and what that means for players who prefer play with a HUD that is as reduced as possible. You can read what our Starfield expert Géraldine has already seen about the Bethesda role-playing game and what she thinks about it in our giant preview of death:

With our mega preview you will not miss a single detail



With our mega preview you will not miss a single detail

How Starfield could make it easier to play without a HUD

In Starfield subreddit, the user ANH made an exciting discovery. He noticed this from the recently shown gameplay trailer that all (!) displayed weapons have an integrated ammunition display. This means players do not have to rely on a HUD item to keep track of how many cartridges are left in a gun or rifle.

The discovery is also well received by other Reddit users. Commentators enjoy the details because it naturally raises hopes that HUD at Starfield can be reduced as much as possible, of which the immersion and realistic Gameplay could benefit. ANH describes itself as a player who likes to keep redundant screen views like livables, ammunition meters and more to a minimum.

It is best to click on the following embedding so that you can also see the screenshots made by ANH:

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Of course, there were similar designs in other games. The most prominent example of this is probably still the first Dead Space from 2008, which received a lot of praise for directly implementing several HUD elements in the gameplay. Bethesda itself has already approached Prey, where at least the weapons themselves show how much ammunition is in them.

Of course, it remains to be seen how much the HUD elements in Starfield can ultimately be reduced. The discovery of ANH at least gives us hope, and after all, there has been a noticeable tendency among developers in recent years to let the players decide for themselves what they want to see on screen – and what not.

Want a video preview? You can find more exciting details about Starfield not only in our preview but also in the following video. We’ve put together ten new pieces of information for you that the developers released a few days ago:

Starfield - 10 new information about the Bethesda role-playing game


Starfield – 10 new information about the Bethesda role-playing game

What you should know about Starfield

Starfield was originally due out later this year, but was pushed back to 2023 a few weeks ago. There is currently no exact release date. All information about the gameplay, the game world, the platforms, the engine and the history of Starfield can be found in our large overview. Just click yourself:

Everything you should know before releasing the role-playing game



Everything you should know before releasing the role-playing game

What are your hopes and expectations for Starfield? What ideas and features from previous games do you think Bethesda should drop? Tell us in the comments!

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