PUMA launches its own NFT collection | 19/06/22

• PUMA releases its 2,500 NFT collection in collaboration with CatBlox and KidSuper founder Colm Dillane
• NFTs vary in rarity and provide access to special hoodies
• Release of the collection is not PUMA’s first step into the NFT market

CatBlox x PUMA Capsule Collection

The name of the released NFT collection is “CatBlox x PUMA Capsule Collection”. As can already be seen from this, the creation of the collection takes place in collaboration with CatBlox. CatBlox was founded in 2022 in Los Angeles and is a studio that helps established brands like PUMA get in touch with their customers in new, Web3-based ways. The CatBlox x PUMA Capsule Collection includes 2,500 NFTs that they say “celebrate PUMA’s legendary heritage and culture”. The unique items were co-designed by KidSuper founder Colm Dillane. Each NFT looks like a doll-like cat. The digital tokens can be exchanged for physical clothing. The rarer the NFT is, the more special the clothing should be available with it. One lucky customer will happen to receive an extremely rare once, which gives access to an exclusive item in “Original KidSuper Design”. However, every NFT and every piece of clothing in the collection is unique and will never be sold again.

NFTs contain special hoodies

According to CatBlox, after the 2,500 NFTs in the collection have been randomly distributed to buyers, a six-day period begins where owners can decide to reveal their NFTs with the respective rarity to the public. This time and opportunity is given to people so that they can sell their as yet unknown NFTs in the secondary market as they wish. At the end of the six days, all NFTs are automatically announced to the public. Once the contents of the token have been revealed, a small icon will appear in the lower right corner of the image, indicating that the clothing behind it has not yet been claimed. This in turn helps with sales in the secondary market as it allows leads to see if a physical asset is still eligible for a physical asset through NFT. However, the requirements must all be realized within a certain period of time, otherwise they expire. When the time expires, all the symbols in the lower right corner of the tokens will also disappear. Thereafter, however, the NFTs can still be traded on the blockchain without these requirements.


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The distributed NFTs are classified into five different rarity levels. The fifth level gives access to a black hoodie that has a rarity of 1/1250. At level four, you get a white hoodie with a rarity of 1/750. Level three NFT owners can get one of 400 red hoodies. Level two tokens are limited to 99 in total and include the right to a special gold hoodie. However, only one lucky buyer will receive a Tier One NFT attached to an exclusive and original KidSuper-designed white hoodie that will never be produced again.

PUMA active in the NFT market since February 2022

The release of the NFT collection is not PUMA’s first step into the NFT market. In February, PUMA bought an NFT called Cool Cat # 32. The company then paid 14 ETH for it, which was equivalent to about 38,000 euros at the time. Subsequently, the sports equipment manufacturer purchased several NFTs from the collections CatBlox, Boys Cat Gang, Illuminati NFT and Lazy Lions.

They also changed their own Twitter name to PUMA.eth and proudly presented newly acquired works of art there.

Nicolas Flohr / Editor finanzen.ch

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