Being financially free: It’s not worth it to me!

Being financially free and independent is a dream I have. I think many feel a desire not to have financial hardship or pressure. But that does not necessarily mean you are lazy. After all, it is possible to continue working. Just that you can set the conditions for yourself.

But being financially free is not the best option for me in any case. Let’s look at three things that would not be worth me pursuing this goal too carefully.

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Be financially free: live frugally until then!

Being financially free is a goal that usually takes several years and often decades. It takes some time before you have saved up an amount that covers all daily costs from the capital gain. Some like to turn on the turbo and live frugally to achieve their goals.

We can also call it minimalist or maximum cost-conscious, it does not matter to me. But what matters to me: it would not be worth it to me. For me, travel is part of the goal and I do not like to spend money lavishly. But there are certain limits to thrift. Setting myself a very tight budget and consistently looking for further savings would be too restrictive for me. Sometimes I like to consume without thinking, I like eating out with my family and we also like to spend money on other things.

A maximum sacrifice just for being financially free is not worth it to me. Instead of following this path, I prefer to think of two other things: How can I earn more? Or increase my return so as not to have to save too drastically.

I can not afford anything when I’m old

Being financially free and that as soon as possible sometimes has a different price. Similar to the minimalist lifestyle before, some calculate their necessities in the free phase very low. It would also be something that was not worth it to me.

My pension (whether it is early or ordinary) must be about something more than just existence and minimal consumption. To experience again and maybe also cultivate hobbies that there was no time for before: That is my focus. Do not live lavishly. But you do not necessarily always have to be reserved. At least that’s very important to me.

That is why it is important for me to be financially free, but not at any cost. The financial leeway must be right so that my family and I do not have to make big sacrifices in old age.

Be financially free: Act risky

There are a number of ways to be financially free. Yield in particular is a key feature. However, there are things here that are not worth it to me. For example, investments that promise solid returns, but which have an unfavorable risk-return relationship for me, or which in part are just speculation.

Therefore, I invest in good stocks with a solid risk-return ratio in the long run. Sometimes even in defensive, conservative dividend stocks. A solid wealth buildup over years and decades is more important to me than a quick shot that can also backfire. What will eventually be my path and whether it is financial freedom? Let’s see. I certainly do not want them at any cost.

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