Will Valve soon announce the VR glasses “Deckard”


Valve will soon announce the VR glasses

Image: Valve / United States Patent and Trademark Office

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Update from May 17, 2022:

The patent could show the design of Valve Deckard

On June 16, 2022, the US Patent Office (USPTO) issued a patent for a “Head-Mounted Display” from Valve. It could Design of Valve’s upcoming VR glasses Show Deckard.

Valve's patent drawing may already show the upcoming VR glasses

Valve’s current patent drawings focus on entanglements of head straps. | Image: Valve / United States Patent and Trademark Office

The descriptions are limited to the main bracket and how the cables run from the front to the back of the glasses. However, there are also possible here Notes on multiple units of account as well as operation as an autonomous headset, eg under point [0052]: “The harness could serve as a link to a rear housing attached to the rear of the HMD. The back housing could accommodate various computer components in the HMD.

The document also shows possible wireless VR streaming from the computer to the VR glasses. The document does not reveal any technical specifications. The simple drawings of the headset also do not allow any conclusions about built-in cameras or the tracking system.

The text accompanying the patent explains how the device could adapt to different head shapes as ergonomically as possible. For example, you can see two adjustment buttons on the back. Other images show floating headphones, known from the Valve Index.

Article from June 16, 2022:

Valve: Hints for upcoming announcement of VR glasses “Deckard”

The unveiling of Valve’s Deckard VR glasses may not be too far away. This is indicated by a beta update in SteamVR.

VR analyst Brad Lynch has been studying Valve patents and code references for Valve’s virtual reality plans for the past year. Also at Ars Technica, the rumors leaked out earlier. The latest beta for a SteamVR update apparently contains several references to Valve’s upcoming VR glasses “Deckard”.

Lynch assumes in a new YouTube video that Revealed in a month or two imminent. There was so much evidence in the SteamVR 1.23.2 beta that it’s pretty unlikely it was a pure coincidence, Lynch said.

Valve Deckard: Revealed in a month or two?

Valve’s Steam Deck had a similar time with many leaks. The official announcement of the notebook PC followed about a month or two later. In line with the scheduled schedule, Valve even planned a SteamVR festival with discount campaigns. Another festival has been postponed so that this can start on 18 July.

An important note is this in the code Found the command “deckard_devtools”. This would allow developers to download their tools for the new hardware, such as Steam Deck.

After a few code manipulations, Lynch also found two new systems in the SteamVR settings. They were very similar in structure to the Steam Deck menus. This indicates that for the VR glasses Deckard a similar operating system is prepared.

First and foremost, Deckard must be designed to be connected wirelessly to a gaming PC. In the current update, however, there are also indications of self-sufficient operation, including references to the operating system.


The menu is already Update visible channels. With their help, the OS could be installed on board the VR glasses, for example in a standard or beta channel. If the SteamVR installation is missing, there are already useful options for changing it. Linux commands are also already available, for example for installing SteamVR or restarting the system.

Shared computer work in virtual reality

Lynch had previously found leaked references to an optional operation of VR glasses with two chip systems. A similar hardware extension with an x86 chip could be put on the back of the head so that it shares the computer work with the ARM chip on the front (also called “split rendering”). Alternatively, the glasses could be connected wirelessly to a gaming PC, so it takes over most of the calculations.

The word “Foxnet”, which already indicated a division of tasks in a previous firmware leak, also speaks for such theses. The term also appears in the current SteamVR update, in conjunction with WireGuard. It’s a fast, security-focused one VPN tunnelwhich could be used to connect two chips.

Speaking of connection options: In the leaked SteamVR settings you will find, among other things, the item “Internet”. Some options in it should establish a wireless connection to the gaming PC. Users can simply create a hotspot on their PC that Deckard can connect to.

Another innovation is the calibration of “XRService”. This is probably related to the new camera tracking and additional augmented reality features. You can enrich the captured environment with game graphics, similar to what Meta’s AR demo The World Beyond did for Meta Quest 2 and Meta Cambria.

The conventional SteamVR tracking with external base stations is also mentioned in the code. So it should not be thrown overboard just yet.

Lynch already knew a new one Theater condition Start. In it, conventional games or movies are placed on an extra wide virtual screen. Using augmented reality, this giant canvas might even be projected into the real world to make it feel like you’re in the cinema.

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