More and more parents want to travel without children: day pass

The beautiful family life can also be stressful: According to a study, parents are often overworked and long for more free time and vacations without the children. Accompanied by the fear of social disapproval, they often dare not leave their children alone. The current TUI report encourages parents to take small breaks from everyday life from time to time – without a guilty conscience.

Although holidays are the highlight of the year for many families, parents’ demand for more alone time has been rising for several years: According to a TUI report, Google searches for the holiday term “adult hotel” in Germany increased by more than 315 percent between June 2015 and June 2020.

The phenomenon can not only be felt in Germany. In other European countries, too, people are often looking for a childless holiday:

However, a holiday without children is a difficult subject in Germany. Parents who want to travel without their offspring are often afraid of being criticized and judged by other people. For nowadays, parents are often expected to completely neglect their own needs for their children.

Nevertheless, parents long for a little break from the hectic family life just to take care of themselves and their relationship. According to experts, they also have the right to take time for themselves from time to time without a guilty conscience if they feel severely stressed in everyday life.

A holiday for just the two of you allows parents to return home to their children more relaxed

For years, parents have had more and more to do. 87 percent of respondents in a parent survey feel that the pressure to juggle all their responsibilities, from child care to careers and sports, has increased over the years. Trained social worker and educational consultant Ulric Ritzer-Sachs summed up this development well:

“All parents work fantastically in the media. Above all, mothers are portrayed as powerful women who look after the children in smart clothes, wash the clothes, do the top work next to it and are always in a good mood. Fathers play lovingly with their offspring after work. This can lead to self-doubt if this ideal is not achieved. ”

It is therefore not surprising that 40 percent of parents, according to a study from KKH, often or very often feel stressed in everyday life. And the children suffer as a result.

For 75 percent of parents, more alone time would be the best solution to stress. In this context, a holiday, according to the respondents, is one of the best ways to really relax and leave everyday stress behind. A holiday without children therefore has many benefits for both parents and children, as the graphics summarize:

If you want to travel without the kids, you need to consider a few things

First and foremost, parents should consider how long their children can be cared for by others. Parents often ask themselves when their children are old enough to be away from them for a few days. According to Ritzer-Sachs, there is no specific age for this. How safe children feel without the presence of their parents also depends on their maturity.

Once a relative is found, the rest of the holiday preparations begin. The following list contains the most important points for planning a vacation without children:

Popular destinations for a holiday without children

Choosing a destination is an important part of planning a vacation. For most people, sun and sea are the most important criteria for a holiday destination. When you are on holiday without children, it is also desirable to have a destination that is close by, so that parents can get home relatively quickly if the worst happens.

  1. Mallorca. The Germans’ favorite destination is perfect for an adult holiday. So it is not surprising that most adult hotels are located on the island. Parents are guaranteed to be able to enjoy their peace and quiet here undisturbed.
  2. Crete. The Greek island with many hours of sunshine and good food is not without reason in second place among the most popular destinations for a holiday in an adult hotel.
  3. Tenerife. The sunny island offers a wide range of activities for travelers, from classic beach holidays to catamaran and cable car rides.
  4. Hurghada and Safaga. Holidays on the coast of Egypt make it possible for parents to discover, among other things, the underwater world of the Red Sea.
  5. Side and Alanya. The Turkish Riviera must not be missing from a list of the most popular travel destinations. Explore the ancient cities, visit the stalactite caves or relax on the many beaches … Turkey offers several options for a holiday for two.

“Many parents rightly note that free time helps to get more energy for everyday tasks and of course for the family.” A little time away from the children should therefore no longer be seen as negative and rather as an important form of self-care to which all parents are entitled.

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