Copied fan articles on TSV 1860? Ismaik’s confidential Anthony Power attracts attention with clumsy provocation

Munich – There is battle in the lion’s cosmos again. Right in the middle is once again Anthony Power, CEO of the independent Merchandising GmbH and investor Hasan Ismaik’s confidant.

Power had in recent years created discontent among sections of the supporters with lawsuits against individuals in the 1860s milieu and entire fan clubs. The current case is about fan articles sold through his Merchandising GmbH. Because they have a striking resemblance to clothing that could previously be found in the eV store.

Specifically, it is about fan articles that have a logo with the proverb “We are the club – 1860 Munich” printed. The only difference: In the design of Merchandising GmbH, the lion in the middle is a little different, otherwise the clothes are identical in color and design. (Note: You can see the corresponding shirt from eV here, the one from Merchandising GmbH here)

Anthony Power has dropped out with 1860 fans several times

Benedikt Niedergünzl, who designed the fan articles for the eV store, recently drew attention to Merchandising GmbH’s behavior in a detailed interview with the magazine “11 Freunde”. AZ talked to him about the background to his anger.

For Niedergünzl, the procedure is nothing more than a “clumsy provocation”. Power is “a thorn in the side of eV. It’s not for nothing that he’s sued fan clubs before.”

“His goal is for everyone to shop in Hasan Ismaik’s merchandising store. It doesn’t matter if it’s items from the active fan scene or from ‘lion fans to the right’. It’s all a thorn in his side. Above all, of course, Shop from eV “, says Niedergünzl.

The background to this is a lawsuit brought by Merchandising GmbH a few years ago against “Lion Fans Against Right”, who had used the lion’s logo on clothes and stickers for many years. In November 2019, the district court of Nuremberg-Fürth came to a judgment and found that the plaintiff was not entitled to any trademark claim. Of course, the relationship was strained anyway, and nothing has changed to this day.

Counterfeit fan articles: A trip to court is (currently) not planned

For the time being, Niedergünzl does not want to go to court, even though he says he has a right to do so. “We have already discussed this with lawyers, and there is certainly reason to complain. In the lion community, there are some who are nevertheless very active and, for example, have already represented ‘lion fans to the right’ on a voluntary basis.” for AZ.

Fans of TSV 1860 will be in a great mood again during the cupcracker against Borussia Dortmund!

TSV 1860 cup-cracker against Borussia Dortmund live on free TV


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Richard Neudecker was to lead the six-year-olds back to the second division, but after two failed attempts, he is now trying his luck with the competition from Saarbrücken.

The former professional Richard Neudecker from 1860: what he will miss most in Munich


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“We are tired of all the arguments that have been in court in recent years. We and eV have decided not to go to court so far, but keep our options open,” Niedergünzl continued.

Copied fan articles: Vestkurven striker Anthony Power

In the fan scene, the copied ones have already created quite a bit of discussion. At the last home game last season, the West Basket contained a banner aimed directly at Power. “First sue lions for trademark rights, now copy eV design. Anthony, your air pump. Shame on you!” was written there.

For Niedergünzl, the current case is not about any vanity because of the plagiarized design. It is more important to him that the nationwide recognized youth training center for the lions, for which eV is responsible, does not lose any revenue. And also with a competing product with almost identical design, some of which are offered at a lower price.

Nierdergünzl: eV now carries NLZ all alone

“It is important to me that the proceeds from the store go to the eV and thus to the youth academy. That is the heart of this club,” said Niedergünzl, who is also involved in “The Entrepreneurs of Sixty” for the club. “The proceeds from our store go to the eV, which now fully supports the youth academy,” he says, “due to the non-payments agreed in the collaboration agreement, not even the 500,000 euros flow, but KGaA simply transfers the players from. NLZ for free. That such a thing is also torpedoed is very cool! “

Daniel Wein (left) and Marius Willsch missed much of last season due to injury.

TSV 1860: Willsch and Wein are there at the beginning of the preparations


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Michael Köllner will fly to warmer regions with his lions in the winter.

Two-month World Cup break: This is how TSV 1860 plans the mega winter break


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Hiller, Morgalla and Co .: The professional football players benefit immensely from NLZ

In fact, the outsourced professional football department has also benefited immensely from the recent years of the good youth department that the eV provides. With Marco Hiller, Niklas Lang, Semi Belkahia, Fabian Greilinger and Dennis Dressel, several young lions have joined the first team in recent years and established themselves there as regular players.

The latest example is Leandro Morgalla, who with his mere 17 years is already in the binoculars of the U21 national team, and whose market value according to “” is already 300,000 euros. He’s the next hot share from his own NLZ.

“Entrepreneurs for Sixty” jumps in: NLZ causes costs to be covered

It is therefore important for Niedergünzl that its own substructure also remains on a stable foundation in the future. “Apart from Bayern, there is actually no club in Germany that is not dependent on its youth work. Therefore, it is important that the youth academy remains at a high level,” says the entrepreneur.

It is problematic that the leadership of KGaA never speaks out if Anthony Power does not in any way live up to the widespread values ​​of community and cohesion.

For it to succeed, you need money. “You need a high-quality coaching team, trips have to be organized, and you have to make sure you can participate in tournaments. These are all costs that are sometimes not even covered at the moment,” explains Niedergünzl. In this case, for example, “The Entrepreneurs of Sixty” step in.

It is unclear whether the relationship between Power and its Merchandising GmbH on the one hand and eV and parts of the fan scene can still be repaired. In any case, Niedergünzl would also like to see a clearer position from top management in this regard.

Niedergünzl criticizes the top of the club: Power enjoys the “freedom of fools” by 1860

“It is problematic that the leadership of the KGaA never comments on it when Anthony Power does not in any way live up to the widespread values ​​of unity and cohesion,” he says, citing a symbolic example from the autumn of 2020: “As in the Munich assassination (ZDF crime series, in which the episode ‘State of Emergency’ played in the Löwen fan scene; ed.) Fans whistled the Scheich song, but a press release came immediately. It’s all very strange when the management manages to speak in public and when not. “

In fact, according to Niedergünzl, Anthony Power TSV 1860 enjoys “freedom – and that’s exactly the problem!” It does not look like the latest argument in Leo cosmos will be settled any time soon.

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