Bitcoin Academy: Jack Dorsey and Jay-Z Launch Crypto School with Free Courses | news

• Former Twitter boss Jack Dorsey and hip-hop legend Jay-Z found Bitcoin Academy together

• Poorer people should be able to invest in Bitcoin more easily with more financial knowledge and Bitcoin knowledge

• Crypto Blockchain Plug and Black Bitcoin Billionaires are also involved in the collaboration

A Bitcoin Academy is emerging in Brooklyn, New York City. The project is initially aimed exclusively at the residents of the Marcy complex, where mainly poor black people live. Participants must have the opportunity to gain financial knowledge and knowledge of Bitcoin and blockchain on the free courses to gain better access to investment opportunities in Bitcoin.


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Financial knowledge is said to lower the barriers to a bitcoin investment

On the Bitcoin Academy website, co-founders Jack Dorsey and Jay-Z explain why there is an urgent need for the project: “The vision for Bitcoin is that there are no barriers, but lack of access to financial knowledge is a barrier. It always is still difficult to use bitcoin for everyday necessities.People also need devices and internet plans.This program aims to provide education, provide knowledge to the community and remove some of the barriers to enable residents to learn more about bitcoin specifically and finance in general.”

Jack Dorsey and Jay-Z are experienced crypto business partners

Dorsey and Jay-Z have already worked together on other projects: In early 2021, they donated a total of 500 Bitcoin, thus founding the independent Bitcoin fund Btrust, which will fund Bitcoin projects in India and Africa in particular. After leaving Twitter, Dorsey founded the largest Bitcoin mining company Block (formerly: Square), Jay-Z sits on the Block board.

The two documented business partners have also brought the Crypto Blockchain Plug and Black Bitcoin Billionaire aboard the Bitcoin Academy. With Najah J. Roberts and Lamar Wilson, they both provide a teacher for the Bitcoin courses and are already experienced in continuing education for those interested in Bitcoin and the organization of black investors.

The project must be extended to other communities

The condition for admission to the Bitcoin Academy is a residence in Marcy. The free courses take place from June 22 to September 7 in person or online, with food served in the evening. There will also be a free “Crypto Kids Camp” two Saturdays, a kind of summer camp for kids interested in cryptocurrency.

Because there is a need for further training in Bitcoin and financial knowledge, and not just in Marcy, there is room to later expand the program to other communities. However, this is a long way off – so far, the Bitcoin Academy is exclusive to residents of Marcy.


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