Baden-Württemberg: Children under the Enchantment of Ethnic Ideology

In 2022, the “Bund für Gotterkennung (Ludendorff) eV” (BfG) celebrates an anniversary: ​​”Hohenlohe Youth Home” – an old multi-storey farmhouse in Kirchberg / Jagst-Herboldshausen in northeastern Baden-Württemberg – has been in the hands of “Jugendheim Hohenlohe “for 50 years popular. In 1972 the longtime BfG chairman Dr. Gunther Duda (1926-2010) bought the property.

Today, the “Hohenlohe Youth Home” is a hub for the extreme right in southern Germany and is home to different spectrums: in 2020, for example, there was a “Community Day South” of the NPD youth organization “Young Nationalists”, in 2021 a “Thing of the Titans “from the regional neo-Nazi group” WIR Heilbronn “and in 2022 an” activist weekend “for” Swabian Identitarian Movement “.

The own events “follow the course of nature” and take place “at Easter, at summer and winter solstices”. It writes BfG on its website. Further: “In the meantime, there may be additional cultural conferences and family reunions.”

In the 1920s, Ludendorff (1877-1966) founded the anti-Semitic and religious-Völkische “German Knowledge of God”. She distinguished between “light races” and “shadow races” and claimed that “light races” possessed the ability to realize God. The “shadow races” – above all: the Jewish people – strived for “racial mixing” and wanted to destroy the “light races”.

A current example of the BfG meetings was provided by a major event from Thursday, May 26, to Sunday, May 29, 2022. More than 70 people attended the event. Most cars came from Baden-Württemberg. From Heilbronn, Karlsruhe, Künzelsau, Ludwigsburg, Ravensburg, Reutlingen, Stuttgart and Waldshut. The other cars came from all over Germany. From Bavaria, Brandenburg, Hamburg, Hesse, Lower Saxony and Saxony.

Matthias K. from Uckermark in Brandenburg must have had the longest journey. K. runs a “bureau of biblical-divine law”, he is the author of the BfG-affiliated magazine “Mensch & Maß” and has published numerous writings on the ideology of the Ludendorff network. In the fall of 2021, he wrote a public “contradiction” against corona protection measures. It states: “We regard your general decree as a means of establishing the desired TOTALITARY WORLD DOMINATION of spiritual Israel under the guise of ‘health protection’.”

Most of the participants in the Ludendorff event wore traditional costumes and had long hair with braids, most of the participants wore the leader pants and had short, split hair. Striking: Among them were two dozen children and young people. The boys and girls also wore the old clothes. The children of the popular “clans” grow up with the ideology and traditions of the Ludendorff network. The gender roles that are lived in ethnic circles are not least expressed in the external appearance. Such meetings have a decades-long tradition in the Ludendorff network. They were already part of the network’s regular program in the 1970s and 80s. At that time, “Ungdomsmøderne” appeared in the magazine human & goals announced. One goal of the meetings: the boys and girls of the popular “clans” were to find each other, after all, they were to preserve the purity of the “light races”. In this respect, the “youth meetings” are a kind of marriage market.

Meetings between boys and girls are created, for example, by singing and dancing together. Saturday night, participants were gathered on the property’s lawn. Dr Hartmut Klink, husband of BfG chairman Gudrun Klink from Ingelfingen (Hohenlohe district), played double bass. Sonnhild Sawallisch, their daughter, played the violin, her husband a Styrian harmonica. There was singing and dancing to the music. The Sawallischs have previously performed with violin and harmonica. The combination was called “Hohenloher Danzmusi”. In the case of the Ludendorff network, wearing the leader trousers and traditional costumes and singing and dancing together has a political character: People want to preserve German culture – they are, after all, convinced that their own culture is threatened by “foreign” influences and powers. “Stranger” in the “German Knowledge of God” is especially the “Jews”.


Tip: The brochure “Only sweet neighbors? Of Union for the Knowledge of God (Ludendorff) eV in Hohenlohe “by Timo Büchner (” Recherche Nordwuerttemberg “) provides information on the activities and attitudes of the BfG and explains the role of the association and its” Hohenlohe Youth Home “in the extreme right wing. In the brochure, Dr. Michael Blume , Jutta Niemann (Member of the Landtag, Bündnis 90 / Die Grünen) and Stefan Ohr (Mayor of Kirchberg / Jagst) The brochure can be ordered by e-mail (nominal fee: 3 €) The e-mail address is: recherche-nordwuerttemberg @ posteo .the

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