Juliusclub in Seelze starts on July 4th

soul. Seelze’s children and young people who love to read have something to look forward to: From the beginning of July, they will once again have the opportunity in the Julius Club to stock up on their favorite titles from a stock of 85 books. This is the 16th time in a row that Seelze Stadsbibliotek has organized this offer from the VGH Foundation and the Lower Saxony Central Library to its young readers. In addition to the opportunity to borrow books, the Julius Club also offers numerous other joint activities that the summer holidays can be entertaining with.

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Kick-off party to set the mood

To get in the mood, there is Monday, July 4th at 4 pm a kick-off party at the library with party games and lots of fun. “Although Juliusklubben officially starts on Friday 1 July, we could not do it this year for staff reasons and therefore decided to do it on Monday,” says library employee Kristin Rohde. Therefore, the official lending of the books starts on Monday.

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By Tuesday, July 12th then a city rally with iPads is on the agenda. Participants run through the city in teams and must answer questions and solve puzzles using QR codes. Registration for the event is possible from the 4th of July.

Children learn to draw manga

Thanks to support from the Community Fund, there is am Wednesday, July 20th a manga workshop with Inga Steinmetz in the city library. The artist will introduce the boys and girls step by step to the basic techniques of this drawing technique. “In the last few years, we’ve seen Japanese comics become more and more popular among children and young people,” says Rohde. Registration for this workshop is possible from 4 July.

Nikola Huppertz comes to the reading

And there’s another surprise that Evelyn Werner and Karin Schallhorn from the Seelzer Bürgerstiftung have to report: Also this year, children’s book author Nikola Huppertz is coming to Seelze to read and read from her new book “Unser Sommer am See”. The exact date for this has not yet been determined. The Community Fund supports the Julius Club with the manga workshop and 18 books worth more than 200 euros.

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Bake bread on a stick with the scouts

The program is about Wednesday, July 27th with visits to the scouts in Lohnde. In the Mechthild von Lona tribe, they will make roasts by the fire and play various games, including Registration is possible from Tuesday 12 July.

Herbology in the forest

Then there is a stroll through forest and meadows Friday, August 5th with Direwolf Wilderness School. Among other things, the experts will show the children and young people which wild herbs are edible and which have a special effect. Registration closes on Friday 22 July. possible. By Wednesday, August 10th participants can then make their own tea at the library. Anyone who wants to participate can sign up from Tuesday, July 26th.

Picnic in Bürgerpark

Equipped with snacks and drinks, we left Wednesday, August 17th to the hanging elm in the Bürgerparken. Last year, Julius Club participants planted this tree – now it is in full bloom and will be used for a picnic. Interested parties can register from Tuesday 2 August.

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Then we ride a bike Wednesday, August 24th to Lenthe estate. The landlord himself asks for a tour and tells exciting stories about agricultural machinery, biogas plants and the history of the estate. Registration for the trip is possible from Tuesday 9 August.

Reading diplomas for the farewell party

The Julius Club then concludes with a graduation party at the library Friday, September 9th. Traditionally, the city library is then transformed into a cinema hall. After the film, there will be pizza and drinks, and the reading and reading diplomas will be handed out. The three readers who have read the most books in the entire period will also receive a voucher from Petri & Waller.

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