Bottrops town is neglected: retailers, drunkards and the hunt for children

Many no longer feel safe in the center of Bottrop. The council parties are also extremely concerned and complain about crime and misery.

The hub, which spreads in the city center beyond Berliner Platz and the ZOB to Ehrenpark, also worries more and more councilors. Council spokesmen complain about rude drug trafficking and drug use, about violent assaults, thefts, harassment, a homeless place, unrest due to excessive alcohol consumption and even the hunt for children. The city itself also talks about neglect of streets, squares and green areas. The police and the municipal security forces have also noticed that many citizens no longer feel safe in this part of the city.

In particular, reports from the police that street crime in the city has fallen over the past three years have raised serious doubts among a number of councilors. “Citizens’ so-called subjective sense of security is much closer to reality than such figures,” says ÖDP councilor Markus Stamm, for example. The police are not aware of many criminal offenses and violations of the rules. “As we know, many things are not exhibited at all,” Stamm said.

When police and security forces are on the scene, the perpetrators are usually far away. Many victims would also be afraid of it. “If someone kidnaps children, he threatens them so they do not tell anyone,” the councilor explained.

Criminals and disruptors are quickly over the mountains again

Police, on the other hand, state that in Bottrop, the risk of becoming a criminal is less compared to other cities in the area around the police headquarters. The administration also states that there is far less crime in Bottrop than in other major cities.

“Yet it is part of the truth that robberies, violent crime and property damage can also be expected in Bottrop in the future,” their report reads. In it, the city also admits exactly what council representatives like Markus Stamm are addressing: law enforcement agencies can often no longer intervene after complaints because criminals or disruptors are everywhere in the mountains.

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The administrative staff themselves also see it as a problem that the employees in the municipal guard service are not on duty 24 hours a day, and that the police forces, especially at night, must be greatly reduced. Still, the head of the regulatory department, Paul Ketzer, has just announced that there will be more presence on site; also to stop attacks from a youth gang. The city can certainly well understand that the citizens no longer feel comfortable in certain places in the city center, they say.

Police were looking for drug deputations in Bottrops Ehrenpark

Police assured several times that they take it very seriously that citizens no longer feel safe in the city center. Therefore, there are now several times daily police patrols the places that are neuralgic to the citizens. Therefore, priority was also given to control, for example at Berliner Platz and at the ZOB, in the Ehrenpark, at the Martinskirche, in the trapezoid, in the car park at the Saalbau, in the Kulturhof and at the archway to the Stadtgarten. Complaints piled up everywhere.

Balancen af ​​sådanne kontroller: flere anholdelser, omkring 80 udsættelser, mere end et dusin strafferetlige anklager for forskellige narkotikaforbrydelser, mere end 200 administrative lovovertrædelser eller advarsler, et dusin beslaglagte køretøjer.

Politiet ved selvfølgelig også, at netop Ehrenparken udover ZOB er blevet et mødested for stofbrugere og narkohandlere. Det er grunden til, at narkohunde for nylig blev brugt under deres kontroller til at opspore narkoagenter.

De grønne kræver en stor indsats af alle i byen

Grønne rådmand Andrea Swoboda taler om en forræderisk situation i bymidten i lyset af sådanne balancer. “Det, at der er børn, der bliver jaget gennem byen” er en klage, som ingen bør acceptere. Hun opfordrede alle til at gøre en fælles indsats og opfordrede til mere end blot individuelle tiltag. “Vi er nødt til at få det her under kontrol,” sagde Andrea Swoboda. FDP-rådmand Oliver Mies rådede ikke kun til at holde øje med bymidten, men også med de andre centre i Bottrop. Også i Kirchhellen er der nu mere kritiske situationer.

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