Billionaire company: SpaceX shares split 10: 1: Is Tesla CEO Elon Musk planning to go public for the space company? | news

SpaceX valued at billions
Share division in the ratio ten to one
Announcement of stock market plans?

Not just Tesla: Musk’s other companies

Although the brilliant Elon Musk is best known for his CEO position at electric car manufacturer Tesla, he is also involved in a number of other companies. In addition to the vehicle manufacturer, the entrepreneur is also involved in the space company SpaceX, the neurotechnology researcher Neuralink and the tunnel builder The Boring Company. With the exception of Tesla, none of the Musk companies are listed – at least not yet. For now, space rocket maker SpaceX has done something about the stock structure.

SpaceX breaks $ 100 billion after share sale

The private company raised $ 337.35 million in a round of financing in December, according to a form submitted to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. As recently as October 2021, the space company was valued at $ 100.3 billion after announcing that it would sell shares worth up to $ 755 million to insiders. With a stock price of $ 560 each, the Musk Group crossed the $ 100 billion mark. The company’s value has risen markedly in recent years, after SpaceX secured cash injections into the Starship space rocket and the Starlink satellite network.

SpaceX share split completed

Even before SpaceX was listed, the company’s shares were split ten to one in February, as “CNBC” reported. SpaceX informed its employees about the increase in shares in an email that the television station has received. Investors will thus receive ten share certificates for each previous share. The value of the paper is thus reduced from 560 US dollars to 56 US dollars each. “The breakdown does not affect the company’s overall valuation or the total value of your SpaceX holdings,” CNBC was quoted as saying from the announcement.

Musk planning a SpaceX IPO?

This is said to be SpaceX’s first stock split that CNBC knows from several people who know about the company. Whether the latest announcement will soon be followed up by public trading on the stock exchange is currently unknown. Similar announcements from the company are currently pending. Musk, however, provided information on a possible listing of SpaceX’s Starlink division. When a Twitter user was asked by a Twitter user about an impending IPO of the Internet network, the CEO replied: “At least a few years before Starlink’s earnings are reasonably predictable. It would be very painful to go public earlier. I will do my best.” to favor long-term Tesla shareholders. ”

Alphabet shares will be split this summer – Amazon could keep up

Internet giant Alphabet recently announced a 20-to-one stock split to take place in July 2022. Among other things, the Google parent is pursuing the goal of making the stock certificates, which now cost well over $ 2,000, more affordable for new investors. Mail order company Amazon was also soon able to split the number of its titles that “MarketWatch” recently predicted.


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