Berlin must become a city with opportunities for children

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Berlin must become a city with opportunities for children

CDU country chief Kai Wegner will take up the fight against child poverty with a comprehensive package of measures

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At its party conference, the CDU in Berlin decides on a package of measures against child poverty.

Berlin. 155,000 children and young people in Berlin grow up in poverty, opportunities for advancement increasingly depend on their parents. Everyone wants something to change, but despite numerous support services, the risk of poverty for young people is rising rather than falling.

The Berlin CDU will now finally break the poverty spiral with a catalog of projects. At her small party conference on Wednesday, she would take a stand on a key proposal that would significantly combat child poverty in the city. “Child poverty is rising drastically, poverty in the city has a child’s face,” CDU country chief Kai Wegner said before the start of the party conference. “When I see that having children is a risk of poverty – what does it say about a society,” Wegner asked and immediately gave the answer. “It is not acceptable for a society like ours.”

More support for families affected by poverty

The party leadership therefore presented the delegates with a package of measures. Berlin must become a “Children’s Opportunity City”. The proposals from the opposition CDU allow for a drastic increase in support for families affected by poverty. The number of day care facilities and school places must be significantly expanded, and language support must begin earlier. One and a half years before the start of school, there should be compulsory support offers for students with language deficits. In addition, the CDU wants to gather different funding offers in one app and make access to help easier. “The federal participation package is far too complicated,” Wegner criticized. “In recent years, it has become apparent that the benefits of the education and participation package are often not used by those who need them most because of bureaucratic obstacles.” In addition, there are significant information and implementation issues.

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This needs to change with the introduction of an “opportunity app”. The plans call for all offers of help and support to be collected, which can then be purposefully selected by those affected. For example, you can contact a sports club directly, which then takes care of the admission process. “Clubs benefit because they get new members; the children benefit because they can play sports; and it also benefits the parents because the registration process is taken care of for them, ”said Wegner. The offer should also apply to music lessons or various forms of help to go to school.

In view of the currently rising prices, which are primarily a burden on low-income households, the CDU is also proposing a freeze on the burden on families. “For the time being, the Senate and the House of Representatives should not take measures or rules that directly or indirectly lead to an additional financial burden for the people of Berlin,” the proposal states. An “inflation mechanism” should also apply to the state’s family benefits. Support for energy and food must increase automatically in line with inflation, without the office reassessing the income situation. “We are aware that a large number of initiatives are needed to make Berlin a real city with opportunities for children,” Wegner said. But it is necessary to create equal opportunities.

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