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Because traditional games are centralized, all effects and experience (XP) gained while playing can not be transferred to other games. This is changing with the advent of blockchain technology in cryptocurrencies. Players can now bet their prizes and items at several crypto gaming companies. Crypto games also allow players to make money.

Let’s take the game Axie perpetuity: Drug addicts can buy Axie, level them up and also sell them at a lower price. Players can also use their Axies to compete for SLP and AXS, which are Ethereum-based commemorative coins for cryptocurrencies. This offers a whole new take on the idea that players earn cryptocurrency while playing games. In this collection we will learn how cryptocurrencies actually work.

Tools for cryptocurrencies

In conventional games and developments, inventors control all digital means like XP, cash in the game, ammo, skins, characters, cars and so on. In contrast, in a crypto game, the stoner owns the goods he acquires during the course of the game. Because similar games are built on blockchain networks, all connected computers have access to the same amount of information (all), decentralizing control over the information and giving players and directors equal powers and controls.

Blockchain technology can be used in dual-purpose cryptocurrencies. The generators can either map the entire game on a blockchain or just use it for cash in the game. In the first variant, each trade in the game is checked and stored in the database. You can also visit for more information.

Making money with games is also attractive to players. Certain games have been tentatively corrected for a pay-to-play model where drug addicts have to invest money to get the most out of a game.

So far, investing money in cryptocurrencies will simply improve the gaming experience, as well as level up faster. The discourse applies to crypto games; The “play-to-earn” paradigm now allows drug addicts to take advantage of their investments through gaming cryptocurrencies. Some players in the Philippines have actually been able to make a living from it.

How can you make money with it?

Crypto games are a decentralized form of gaming where players can enjoy unique money in the game and sell it to anyone who is interested in real money. In other words, digital funds can be exchanged for cryptocurrencies, which can later be converted into real-world currency. In short, cryptocurrencies are created by storing information through unique means that players control in whole or in part through a blockchain system. This is how consumers benefit from cryptocurrency games.

We could count on the winning matches

Since the game has Asian roots, it is not surprising that Axie perpetuity has become fissile in the Philippines. Trung Nguyen, a game inventor from Vietnam, founded Sky Mavis, which introduced the Ethereum-based game. Sky Mavis’ valuation is around $ 3 billion in December 2021, a staggering amount since the company had just received $ 152 million in original investments from crypto investors in October 2021.

Despite its high value, Axie Perpetuity is only the second most popular cryptocurrency game, leading only Alien Worlds, which has over 1.16 million annual druggies, roughly double the Axies. Saro McKenna, the game’s founder, has commercial tax experience and has worked in the industry 10 times. McKenna also holds a master’s degree from Oxford University.

bottom line

Cryptocurrencies are growing in popularity and investors want to be a part of it. Blockchain companies are also interested, and Solana and Polygon have begun investing in early-stage blockchain games that integrate decentralized backing (DeFi) into their systems. As more investors pour their money into cryptocurrency platforms, the sector may see a breakthrough. It used to be outrageous, according to a recent study by tax firm Drake Star Mates.

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