Stock market input on Spotify, including storytelling, cryptocurrency, Tesla, Goldman Sachs and Metaverse

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# 205 Storytelling in the stock market

Storytelling takes place not only with the fairy tale or during a lecture, but also on the stock exchange. You can find out what the pros and cons of this are in today’s section.

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Børssladder (00:05:33), 13.06.

Tremors in the crypto market and Tesla’s autopilot problem
June 13, 2022 – The current stock market shot

In today’s section “Everything on shares”, financial journalists Daniel Eckert and Philipp Vetter report on the cryptocurrency crash and how China is fighting the crash. It also includes Siemens, HeidelbergCement, BASF, Covestro, Deutsche Bank, Hannover Re, Allianz, Thyssenkrupp, PayPal, Airbnb, Nvidia, Marvell Technology, Atlassian, Datadog, Mercadolibre, Booking Holdings, Adobe, Illumina, Docusighn, Pinduoduo, Netease, Bitcoin, Ether, Tesla, Twitter, Mercedes, Waymo, General Motors, Alphabet, UBS Euroinvest Immobilien (WKN: A111Z2), Wertgrund Wohn Select D (WKN: A1CUAY), KGAL immoSUBSTANZ (WKN: A2H9BS), iShares European Property Yield (WKN ) A2N8FS).

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Everything in stock (00:18:30), 06/13.

“3 trillion projects at Apple” – ETFs for Win and Goldman Sachs at a discount
Section # 383 from 13.06.2022

Inflation is crashing the stock markets again, Tesla is splitting shares again, and Goldman Sachs is once again having problems with the authorities. In addition, passive ETFs continued their triumphant march.

Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) was able to buy Mercedes-Benz and Deutsche Bank with an annual profit. But Apple prefers to build the automotive world’s iOS itself and become a bank.

What is a book worth? What is a bank worth? What is Goldman Sachs worth? We clarify.

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IT WILL BE DIFFICULT WITHOUT SHARES – Daily stock market news (00:11:37), 13.06.

Life insurance as only the second best solution

A listener of “Börsenminute” asks me: Do I have to take out life insurance as a pensioner? What is there for the older women? Dear Mrs Leiner, I must reiterate at this point that my podcasts cannot and must not replace personal investment advice. This is only my personal opinion, not tailored to your personal life and financial circumstances. It does not matter if you are male or female, old or young: I personally am not a fan of life insurance. I lack cost transparency, I am bothered by the long commitment period and the modest repurchase value in case of early termination. The classic variant with a guaranteed rate can also no longer guarantee real wealth preservation. Contracts entered into after 2016 are no longer tax deductible in Austria. Personally, I think it is generally better to take out a risk insurance policy to protect relatives in the event of death or to secure a loan. I would be better off investing the rest of my money in ETFs and funds of my choice that are tailored to the rest of my investment universe so that there are no unwanted overlaps or cluster risks. If you still feel more comfortable with an insurance solution and actually want to invest for a very long time, I would recommend at least something in between, unit-linked life insurance, which of course does not offer a guaranteed interest rate, but instead the chance to beat inflation and thus preserve your assets. It also invests a large portion of its assets in mutual funds and ETFs. In fact, insurance companies offer just that. I always compare unit-linked life insurance with package tours, where I only have to indicate where the journey goes – how much I want to risk in favor of higher returns. If I choose the conservative, balanced or dynamic variant, your advisor or the standardized insurance product will do the rest. However, banks and brokers also offer a similarly convenient solution without any insurance coverage, which of course is not free.

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Børsminut (00:02:49), 13.06.

What is the metaverse? – With Marius Fuxs

We all got it. Facebook has renamed itself Meta. A real hype has just broken out. Many want to join, and several companies are afraid of missing out on the trend and are also starting to invest money and resources in this area. What Metaverse is, Marius spoke with Metaverse expert Gerrit Eicker.

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You never stop learning (00:07:35), 13.06.

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