Sports action in Pronsfeld and Prüm for children with cancer

24 hour collection
Runners, hikers and cyclists collect miles for children with cancer

At a charity sports campaign in Pronsfeld and Prüm in early July, donations are to be collected for the support association for children with cancer. Each participant can voluntarily donate an amount per. kilometer.

The idea of ​​raising money for children through physical activity came to Frank Denter and Matthias Heck during a 300-kilometer trip last year. A 24-hour challenge starts on the weekend of July 2 at. 16:00 to 3 July at 16.00, where you can participate in running, walking, hiking or cycling. Each participant collects kilometers and donates to the distance traveled or looks for a sponsor.

The goal is to collect as many kilometers and thus donations as possible to support the association for children with cancer in Trier. Due to Corona, the association has lost large sums in donations, it appears from the website of the organizer kfkschneifel – kilometers for children Schneifel.

“We want to make up for this loss a little bit with our campaign,” Waltraud Holper said. The running therapist from Pronsfeld participates in the campaign. She has organized a 24-hour relay of runners where at least two joggers run day and night. The experienced trainer has already set up many charity campaigns, including Rock & Run in Prüm, a 100-kilometer run from Trier to Pronsfeld and most recently a fundraising campaign for flood victims in Ahr, Kyll and Prüm this spring.

This is how the 24-hour sports campaign works

If you want to join the two days, you can get on and off at any time. For each kilometer you enter an amount that you want to donate. You can either register online or spontaneously put your name on a list at the old Pronsfeld railway station at Café Stullwerk and later state your mileage. “Then we can say afterwards how many kilometers a total of kilometers have been covered by everyone involved,” says Waltraud Holper.

At the running meeting place Pronsfeld (by the parking lot of the bike path) it is cyclist either embark on a longer lap in consultation with others or even decide which direction you want to go. that runners and walkers also starts at the running meeting place and will always turn around in star form after five kilometers and return to the starting point. There is also a food stand there.

that walker has the opportunity to walk designated trails around Pronsfeld. Routes for this can be found on the information board at the running meeting place. There are suggestions for routes from five to 21 kilometers.

The physical well-being of the spectators and participants is handled by the locomotive in Café Stullwerk and in the brewery in Prüm. On Saturday 2 July, there will be live music between 12 and 4 pm with the band “Take two” from Bleialf by the train carriage in Pronsfeld.

Matthias Heck and Frank Denter, the main initiators of the challenge, have set themselves the goal of reaching 500 kilometers by bike in 24 hours. If you want to participate in Waltraud Holper’s 24-hour relay, register on 06556/7163 or 0171/3612470. Everyone has the opportunity to get on and off as they please. “The result only plays a secondary role. What counts is the joint project and the good idea that makes the difference, ”she says.

Planned annual challenge

A child’s cancer is a painful and stressful process that poses a great challenge to the child and its family, says Waltraud Holper. The Association for Children with Cancer supports unbureaucratically affected families and helps them directly and uncomplicated. “It is important for us that this assistance is passed on in our region. 100 percent of the donations benefit the association of children with cancer and their parents, “say the initiators and continue:” Everyone is welcome to the good cause “.

The organizers want to establish the fundraising campaign and plan a new challenge once a year. The money raised is donated to a project that is redefined every year or to an institution that supports children in the region.

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