Do you want to benefit from the crash? This coin could make it possible!

The cryptocurrency market is currently in a downturn, but that does not mean that all cryptocurrencies should be unattractive to investors. In fact, a bear market can offer extraordinary profit potential if you invest in the right currency.

Make sure your cryptocurrencies work hard

ArbiSmart (RBIS) is a new crypto-financial ecosystem published in mid-January 2022. The reason why it is so attractive to crypto owners in a bear market is that they in EU approved the platform continues to provide a constant flow of passive profits no matter which direction the market moves.

This happens i.a. through cryptocurrency arbitragea form of automated investment that benefits from temporary price differences between exchanges.

To lay the foundation for ArbiSmart Profits

The user deposits funds, which are then converted to the native token RBIS used by the automated system. The platform’s algorithm tracks hundreds of coins 24/7 on multiple exchanges and records price differences. The profit is achieved by automatically buying a coin at the lowest available price and then immediately selling it at the highest offered price.

Price differences occur all the time for all sorts of reasons, such as B. a difference in trading volume or liquidity between a large and small stock exchangeand they also occur regularly in an upswing or downturn.

So in a bullish or bearish market, the user of the platform earns a predictable passive profit of between 18% and 45% per year, depending on the deposit amount.

Later this month, ArbiSmart will launch an interest-generating wallet – another RBIS service that consistently delivers passive profits even in bear markets. Instead of just letting their EUR, Bitcoin and Ethereum lie and lose value in the process, wallet accountants can put them to work for them and enjoy safe investment and generous returns of up to 147% per annum for RBIS and 49% per annum for all other supported FIAT and cryptocurrencies.

Wallet holders have the option of always having their money available but not earning any interest. You can also choose from a number of different savings schemes, where some or all of the funds are placed in a blocked account for a certain period and interest is paid out on a daily basis.

The wallet holder can choose to have the daily interest rate automatically transferred to an open balance to which they have access at any time, or to keep it with the interest-bearing, fixed investment fund for a higher APR.

Lay the foundation for future growth

The ArbiSmart project, powered by the ArbiSmart token, not only offers various stable passive profit opportunities to help cryptocurrencies through uncertain times, but it is also in a process of great expansion. Following the release of the interest-bearing wallet in June, ArbiSmart will launch a number of new RBIS services in rapid succession throughout 2022, which will drive demand for the token.

A mobile version of the wallet will be launched in early 3. quarter, immediately followed by the launch of a collection of thousands of digital artworks and an NFT market where non-marketable tokens can be purchased with RBIS.

Almost simultaneously, in the next quarter, ArbiSmart is changing Uniswap introduces a dividend farming service that integrates with the ArbiSmart dashboard. Users will be able to invest capital through USDT / RBIS, ETH / RBIS and WBTC / RBIS liquidity pools while earning annual returns of up to 190,000% as well as 0.3% of fees from each trade.

At the end of the year, ArbiSmart also plans to launch a cryptocurrency exchange as well as a meta-verse where people can use RBIS to buy, build and sell virtual properties with real financial gain.

All of these services require the use of RBIS, which drives demand for the token and increases liquidity. Each new service expands the ArbiSmart ecosystem and brings together digitalists, artists, merchants, gamers and all types of investors in a single, diverse financial center that meets all of their cryptocurrency needs. As the demand for the token increases, the limited supply decreases, which drives the price higher.

Despite the current bearish market trend, it is now time to buy promising cryptocurrencies that are likely to go a long way. RBIS shows all signs of long-term viability and is perfectly positioned to pick up speed in the coming months. ArbiSmart’s cryptocurrency arbitrage service currently offers good hedging against cryptocurrency volatility, and demand for the token will increase with the launch of several new RBIS tools. To buy the token while the price is still below one dollar, buy RBIS now!

Last updated on June 13, 2022

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