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Minden (mt / sbo). Kulturrucksack Minden offers free workshops in art, dance, music, theater, games and literature. The offers are aimed at ten-fourteen-year-old children and young people who like to be creative and want to try something new. As Minden city reports, there are still vacancies.

Turning your own magic wand out of wood, designing it with models and then decorating it and making magic books out of paper – ten-twelve-year-olds can do that in the workshop with product designer Petra Meyer and storyteller Gudrun Mehrhoff from 16 to 18 June in Anne Frank Creative Center for Children and Young People (Salierstraße 40, Minden, dates: June 16 from 11:00 to 15:00, June 17 from 15:00 to 19:00, June 18 from 11:00 to 15:00). Registration at m.osterbrock@minden.de or (05 71) 8 97 58.

Thirteen and fourteen-year-olds can get an insight into the work of a DJ or a DJane in a workshop with music producer Costa Makrogiannis. Participants make their own remix and learn how music transitions are designed and how to use a console. The workshop will take place on 18 June from 15.00 to 20.00 in the youth center Geschwister Scholl (In den Bärenkämpen 52, Minden). Registration at geschwisterscholl@minden.de, telephone (05 71) 64 92 13.

On June 22 (4-6pm), artist Kathrin Wolters invites ten to fourteen-year-olds to the Jugendhaus Geschwister Scholl to design their own postcards that match the start of summer. Participants learn the techniques of watercolor painting and the letter method (art of beautiful letters) and design individual postcards. Finally, the postcards are decorated with gold leaf. Registration at geschwisterscholl@minden.de on (05 71) 64 92 13.

“Photography with light”
(© Paul Olfermann) – © Stefanie Dullweber

From 27 June to 1 July (11: 00-15: 00), the artist Susann Dietrich shows how pictures are taken without a camera in Mindens City Library (Königswall 99, Minden). It is about “the alchemy of light – cyanotype and other photographic processes”. The participants (10 to 14 years) become light scientists who deal with light, especially photographic paper and photograph various objects. All works of art are summarized in a brochure at the end. Registration at l.opheiden@minden.de or (05 71) 83 79 10.

Almost simultaneously, a window theater workshop by theater teacher Stella Ballare and artist Annette Freymuth takes place in the studio “der regenbogen” (Uferstraße 2, Minden). Here everything is under the motto “Universe”. Stars, planets, black holes, unknown flying objects, never seen beings from distant galaxies. Unknown worlds are waiting for the participants, together they invent their own universe and make stick figures, which are then played with. The window front in the studio becomes the stage through which the spectators can see the universe from the outside. The offer is for ten to twelve-year-olds and takes place on the following dates: 27 June to 1 July at 2.30 pm to 5.30 pm, performance on Sunday 3 July at 3 pm. Registration at m.osterbrock@minden.de or (05 71) 8 97 58.

In the third week of the summer holidays, illustrator and artist Christian Leistner offers a workshop on the subject of serigraphy at the Geschwister Scholl youth center (In den Bärenkämpen 52, Minden). From 11 to 15 July (from 11:00 to 16:00), participants (10 to 14 years old) can learn more about the art of screen printing and design their own motifs, which are then printed on T-shirts or posters. Registration at geschwisterscholl@minden.de on (05 71) 64 92 13.

The “Escape Room Project” in the Minden Museum (Ritterstraße 23) takes place almost simultaneously. From 12 to 14 July (10: 00-15: 00 and 15 July: 10: 00-13: 00), participants (10 to 14 years old) will develop an escape room with their own stories and puzzles into a room in Minden. Museum. This can be played and tested by friends and family members at the end. The project is accompanied by Minden Museum’s FSJler, Minden City Library and the Culture Office together with museum educator Kristin Saretzki. Registration at Museum, museum@minden.de or (05 71) 9 72 40 20.

Kulturrucksack NRW Minden is financially supported by a state grant from the Ministry of Culture and Science in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

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