Educational fun at a camp in nature during the summer holidays!

Summer is everyone’s favorite time of the year. The summer camps for children 2022 offer a number of exciting activities and excursions. You can find what you love – from horseback riding, climbing, swimming, to crafts or hiking. There are many opportunities for an unforgettable summer camp.

Summer camps for children 2022 in Bavaria

Bavaria is famous for its mountains, lakes and beautiful nature! A trip to the Bavarian Forest is definitely worth it and you can have a great time!

English-speaking camp in Munich (9 – 16 years)

At the summer camp, the program consists of three hours of intensive English lessons each morning

Here you can enjoy a combination of academic English lessons led by mother tongue teachers and exciting summer activities. Participants take part in a placement test before the camp starts, so the right group can be determined based on language skills. The program consists of three hours of intensive English lessons each morning, and activities and outdoor excursions are arranged in the afternoon.

Adventure wilderness camp near Coburg (9 – 12 years)

How about an adventurous children's camp in the wilderness

How about an adventurous week in the wilderness? In this camp you will learn how to make a fire – even without matches and lighters. You will also learn how to prepare a delicious meal with simple means. The camp offers fantastic survival training: for example, how to make a flashlight and how to find your way in the woods. There are also various games and an exciting wilderness program!

Summer camps for children 2022 in Baden-Württemberg

In Baden-Württemberg, children can attend summer holiday camps

In a summer camp in Baden-Württemberg, children can enjoy nature with other children and enjoy themselves in southern Germany.

Outdoor and active camp in the Black Forest (6 – 11 years)

At the children's camp you can really enjoy the beautiful nature

Whether it is a sporting challenge or relaxation in a holiday camp, everyone will find fun and new friends here! Adventure games in the vast nature of the Black Forest will fascinate everyone. Many interesting games are arranged every day and you can have a wonderful time in the woods. Excursions are also arranged in the region! Exciting games are also arranged every day.

Summer riding holiday near Stuttgart (6 – 13 years)

Summer riding holiday for children near Stuttgart - a real adventure

“Happiness on this earth is on horseback.” Anyone who agrees with this saying has come to the right place. There are experienced riding instructors who will teach all participants all the skills they need. But not only horse riding is offered, but also other exciting activities: There is a high rope course with three different courses, where you can climb around the trees up to 10 meters high.

Summer camps for children 2022 in Saxony

You can really relax in one of the children's holiday camps in Saxony

You can really relax in one of the holiday camps, which are easy to get to by car from Dresden, Chemnitz and Leipzig.

Sports camp near Görlitz (10 – 14 years)

Summer camps for children 2022 - many interesting games are arranged every day

Here you can find a large indoor playground, bowling alleys, a riding hall, pool tables and many other exciting games for children. At the Berzdorf lake, a high rope course is arranged. There is also a dinghy ride on the Lausitzer Neisse, known as a tributary of the Oder. Here you can really enjoy the beautiful nature of Saxony.

Climbing camp in Saxon Switzerland (12 – 16 years)

Climbing camp for children is organized in Saxon Switzerland

Nature and adventure are wonderfully combined here. Climbing is an exciting and powerful sport that is very suitable for children and young people to train their endurance. Before participants begin climbing, professional climbing trainers will familiarize them with the necessary safety instructions and they will learn all the necessary climbing techniques and knot tying. The coaches take care of everyone and respond to everyone individually – so this camp is definitely the best thing to be a part of.

Holiday camp for children 2022 in Brandenburg

The summer camps for children 2022 offer a number of exciting activities and excursions

Enjoy the magnificent pine forests, the crystal clear lakes and nature: it’s the beauty of Berlin and Brandenburg. There are some beautiful camps near Berlin, in Lausitz or in the Spreewald.

Children’s camp at Ruppiner See (8 – 13 years)

The children's holiday camp at Ruppiner See offers lots of fun and games

The holiday camp in Ruppiner Land offers lots of fun and activities, but also relaxation. The state of Brandenburg has many beautiful lakes, a well-developed network of bike paths and beautiful nature. The trip to Babelsberg Filmpark will be the most exciting. A visit to the most populous city in Brandenburg is arranged, and in the evening the camp offers exciting games.

Dance camp at Boitzenburg Castle (6 – 12 years)

Summer camps for children 2022 - dance camp at Boitzenburg Castle

A week full of fun and action for the kids. There is an intensive dance training with up to 6 hours a day. Dancing is not just for girls. There are many different dance styles, so there is something for everyone. One can try salsa, breakdance, waltz, disco fox and many other styles. A complete dance show is organized together in groups of seven to eight children. Participants need a lot of motivation and discipline, but most of all, dancing is fun.

Summer camps for children 2022: Spreewald (9 – 14 years)

Summer camp - The children sit in a boat, kayak or canoe and walk up the Spree

Here, adventure awaits the participants. The children sit in a boat, kayak or canoe and walk up the Spree. They are supported by coaches. They also cycle and take part in fantastic tours in the region. Swimming will be fun for everyone. Other exciting activities such as tree climbing and rappelling, a night hike, table tennis, cool games, archery or yoga are arranged. In this camp, children can strengthen their self-confidence and learn to take responsibility.

  Holiday camps for children 2022 will be organized in Brandenburg

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