The best travel destinations for vegans

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Going on holiday in a foreign country as a vegan is not always easy. It is not always clear what is in the food and whether it contains animal products such as eggs, or whether it is fried or deep-fried in animal fat.

The travel blog from “Asher & Lyric” has therefore assessed and compared data from 37 different countries – the result is a Vegan Travel Guide with the best and worst destinations for vegans. To this end, the blog has, among other things, assessed how many vegan and vegetarian restaurants there are in relation to the number of tourists, what the vegetables, fruit and meat have to offer, and what the consumer behavior looks like.

Vegan pasta is always possible.

By the way: The country with the most vegan and vegetarian restaurants in relation to each other is far behind in 28th place out of 37. Finland has the largest selection of vegan and vegetarian restaurants, ahead of Sweden, Israel, Germany and Australia, which is meat consumption in Finland, however, is very high, fruit and vegetable consumption low.

1. India

India is no longer an insider tip for vegetarians. Many locals do without meat and other animal products. According to estimates, one in three Indians eats meat-free. The selection of dishes made from vegetables, legumes and grains is therefore huge. The wide variety of spices generally makes India a paradise for foodies!

Gobi Aloo is a dish of Indian cuisine and vegan at the same time.

India is also a top destination for vegans, although it can be a little harder to find vegan food as many traditional dishes contain milk or dairy products. Despite this, India tops the list by a huge margin, scoring 227.6 points – Mexico in second place has only 134.7 points.

Be sure to try: Aloo Gobi (cauliflower and potato curry).

2. Mexico

Guacamole, taco, burrito, chili – there are probably only a few people who are not addicted to Mexican cuisine. Although products with meat or animal content can often be found, there is still a large selection for vegans, as the “Vegan Travel Index” shows.

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There are not many designated vegetarian or vegan restaurants in Mexico, but the country ranks so highly because the selection of legumes, vegetables and fruits is huge and makes it easy for vegans to order the right dishes.

Be sure to try tortillas with guancamole